Investing Offshore Becomes Eco-Friendly

Offshore-Gateway partners with Climate Friendly - ranked as "outstanding" and "Number 1" in the Carbon Offset Watch report - to offer a pioneering eco-friendly solution for companies investing offshore; contributing to sustainable global eco projects, particularly in developing areas such as in China and India.

Nicosia, Cyprus, January 18, 2012 --( Professional services via the platform now contribute to eco-friendly and sustainable energy projects around the world, following an agreement between Offshore Gateway and Climate Friendly.

“Our goal is to offer professional services with a greater global purpose. Taking action on climate change via Climate Friendly, together with the support of all our clients (current and prospective) and supplier firms is allowing us to accomplish this; working towards a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future,” said a company spokesperson.

Offshore Gateway is donating affiliate proceeds from supplier firms towards offsetting carbon emissions via Climate Friendly, ranked as "outstanding" and "Number 1" in the Carbon Offset Watch Report. With each new professional service via the platform, proceeds are used to fund eco-projects around the world. If companies choose, they can then capitalise on this eco-offshore initiative and have the contribution attributed to their own name, boosting company image, credibility and exposure around the world.

“Since companies choose to work via Offshore Gateway, we would like to offer them the option of added-value, both in terms of corporate exposure and positive publicity, as well as contributing towards global environmental responsibilities. Indeed for us, it is only a small price to pay for a very large return. For companies it is an absolutely free service."

“Climate Friendly is delighted to partner with Offshore Gateway in helping businesses transition to a low carbon future through investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. It’s always heartening to work with a business like Offshore Gateway who is as committed to a clean energy future as we are,” comments CEO, Climate Friendly, Freddy Sharpe. “By working with Climate Friendly, Offshore Gateway has demonstrated that a cleaner and brighter future is possible by making the environment a priority in their daily dealings. It’s really exciting,” adds Sharpe.
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Harry Papadopoulos