Successful International Release of "20 Pedacitos”

Los Angeles, CA, May 11, 2007 --( Sharing her experiences and talent as a composer, Diana Mera brings us "20 Pedacitos"(20 pieces), the song that became the title to her new Single EP in promotion under SGM Records.

The launching of "20 Pedacitos" was hosted at a very exclusive nightclub in Scottsdale, AZ. The artist chose Arizona to present her new production because of the support she received with her very first album towards the ending of 2003; Mera said she was very grateful to the media as well as the public for the continuous support.

Coming from a family of renowned writers, and descendent of honorable Juan Leon Mera, Ecuadorian novelist who wrote Ecuador's national anthem, Diana Mera shared with the media some of her lived experiences during this musical adventure and her promotional plans.

"I am very happy! 20 Pedacitos is a very important song for me and I am very fortunate it has been chosen as the promotional single that gives leverage to my new album that will be available at the end of the summer" the singer commented.

With this song Diana shares a very personal experience with her fans, as she describes the feeling of emptiness that leaves the loss of a loved one. She wrote this song one month after a friend she considered like a sister, passed away at 20 years of age.

"20 Pedacitos" definitely is the song that all the radio stations have been anxiously waiting for, being that it has such a great melody, it’s refreshing, meaningful and full of emotions. Profound in its content, this single "20 Pedacitos" is very much rich in musical ideas, and has a rhythm that evolves itself among the best in pop/rock.

The single's extended format which contains the song in promotion, the music video, an exclusive interview and two additional songs, will go on sale May 15th, 2007 and will awaken emotions in each person that listens to it and makes it theirs.

"20 Pedacitos is different and contemporary, that is why it must be heard and acquired. Let yourself be guided by the sensitivity and strength that this young artist brings us in each one of her lines" commented Soledad Herrada, Production Director of the Record Label.

To listen to "20 Pedacitos" and see the video visit:

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