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Drs. Mantz and Fernandez published in Radiation Therapy text.

Fort Myers, FL, January 18, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Dr. Eduardo Fernandez and Dr. Constantine Mantz have co-authored a chapter on innovative radiation therapies for prostate cancer in the textbook Image Guided Radiation Therapy. Published in 2011, this text is the new gold standard for radiation oncology, providing descriptions of the most advanced treatment techniques in the field. Drs. Fernandez and Mantz are the only community-based radiation oncologists who contributed to the text, as most of the innovative treatment is done at major academic centers.

Prostate cancer affects one in six men in America. It is the most common non-skin cancer and, with the proper treatment, it is also one of the most survivable. Drs. Mantz and Fernandez have been treating prostate cancer patients using cutting-edge radiation therapy for the past five years. They were invited to author a chapter in the book based on the treatment protocol they developed using stereotactic radiation therapy to deliver high doses of radiation therapy with extremely high levels of accuracy to the prostate.

“The emphasis of this text is on new technologies and new forms of therapy,” according to Dr. Mantz. “The editors were interested in our stereotactic radiation therapy, which combines radiation therapy technology with guidance technology. We merged the radiation technology with a guidance system that very precisely delivers radiation to the prostate with extreme safety, resulting in a high cure rate and a very low incidence of problems.” The treatment involves implanting a tiny device within the prostate which delivers a signal to the machine supplying the radiation and provides GPS-like guidance to the target. “This merging of technologies is now being used by radiation oncologists around the world in the treatment of prostate cancer,” Dr. Mantz added.

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