Black Rose Writing Presents Dead Lock by B. David Warner

Black Rose Writing is proud to announce that it has acquired the publishing rights to Dead Lock by B. David Warner.

San Antonio, TX, January 18, 2012 --( Dead Lock is sort of a “James Patterson meets Eye of the Needle mystery/thriller.“ It’s set in 1943 when a German spy is walking the streets of a small Michigan town. The Nazi agent has already killed two people, but his goal is much larger: he’s in Sault Ste. Marie to destroy the Soo Locks and change the course of World War II. Through those locks pass 90% of the iron ore bound for Allied defense plants. Stop the flow of iron ore, and the United States loses the war.

Against this backdrop comes Kate Brennan, a woman with a 21st Century attitude who happens to have been born in 1911. A reporter for the Detroit Times, she narrowly avoids being murdered because of a series of articles she is writing about the mob. She escapes to northern Michigan and goes to work for her uncle’s newspaper. Kate’s best friend is murdered and she’s convinced the sheriff has arrested the wrong man, a young black army Corporal. The fact that the soldier is black in a primarily white town is acerbated by a race riot that is tearing Detroit apart at exactly that time. In her attempts to find the real murderer, Kate runs headlong into a Nazi plot to destroy the Soo Locks.

One of the great untold stories of WWII (whose 70th anniversary is already upon us) is the key role played by a small town in northern Michigan – a role that had national and even international significance. It’s a story Americans can take pride in, but all too few are aware of.

By 1943, 7,300 troops were stationed in Sault Ste. Marie to protect the Soo Locks, through which passed 90% of the iron ore used by U.S. war plants. Destroying the locks would have meant closing every tank, airplane and munitions plant in North America – and would have seriously jeopardized America’s chances for victory.

While the story is fiction, the 54,000 word mystery/thriller is the product of exhaustive research. Warner traveled to the Soo many times and interviewed a reporter who worked for the Soo Evening News in 1941 and a former Army intelligence officer who was at the commissioning of the MacArthur Lock in 1943.

Everything is authentic; from the wine the characters drink to the anti-aircraft weapons the soldiers use to guard the locks from German dive bombers. The book’s protagonist is a baseball fan, and when the radio reports that the score of that day’s game was Tigers 5, Red Sox 2, one can take it to the bank.

While Dead Lock is just Warner’s second novel, he’s no stranger to the world of fiction, having written advertising copy for nearly 40 years.

Warner has written advertising copy for nearly every medium. He’s at home in broadcast, print, outdoor boards and brochures. But he’s even more at home in Clarkston, Michigan, where he lives with his wife Marlene.

Dave has two grown daughters, Marguerite and Andrea Hernandez. Andrea and her husband John Paul recently presented Dave and Marlene with a grandson, Dominic Warner Hernandez.

Dave graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in journalism/advertising. While his work has garnered awards in such faraway places as New York and Los Angeles, he was hesitant at first to admit any connection with the advertising industry. Instead, he says, “I told people I stole cars.”

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