Kinetic Konnection Now Offering Compression Stockings Specifically Designed for Athletes

Windsor, Canada, January 19, 2012 --( Orthopedic bracing specialists Kinetic Konnection have recently announced the addition of an innovative new solution to their comprehensive product line. The company’s new compression stockings are designed to help give athletes the support they require for high performance while exercising.

Compression stockings have become one of the most requested pieces of medical equipment in Canada in recent years, as millions across the continent continue to suffer from leg fatigue and poor circulation within their lower extremities. It is this upswing in demand that provoked the specialists at Kinetic Konnection to begin offering a a new compression stockings for athletes.

This latest addition to the company product line is designed to flush out the lactic acid that builds up within joints when athletes exercise. Flushing the joints out in this way provides tremendous relief to the wearer and ensures that they are able to recover quickly from their athletic pursuits and continue to enjoy their day-to-day lives clear from knee pain.

Kinetic Konnection offers clientele the services of their certified fitters, who will guide them as to the correct compression stockings for their specific needs, whether it’s to wear during work or while out on their daily run. Clients are often concerned that the price of these products may be out of their reach. However, these new solutions from Kinetic Konnection are covered by many health care plans, and clients can begin discussing the possibility of receiving one of these superb products directly with their doctor. Providing hope to millions of sufferers, Kinetic Konnection, continues to lead the field in terms of quality, high impact solutions. Their new compression stockings are just yet another example of their product excellence.

For over 15-years Kinetic Konnection has supplied their clients with the industry’s most trusted models of compression stockings, foot orthotics and knee and orthopedic bracing. Their brand name is now considered to be one of the most trusted industry-wide. For more information, please go to

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