Kinetic Konnection Now Offering New Line of Knee Bracing to Ontarians

Oakville, Canada, January 19, 2012 --( Leading bracing specialists Kinetic Konnection have recently announced that they are offering the new Genu Neurexa knee bracing product. This solution is designed for those suffering from paresis of the leg muscles and knee hyperextension as a result of injury such as a lumbar disc herniation, peripheral nerve damage or a medical event such as a stroke.

The Genu Neurexa knee bracing device provides excellent support by stabilizing the knee and the patella region at the same time. This stabilization process works to prevent hyperextension and reduce collateral instability. It also works to prevent involuntary movements in the knee and lateral movement, giving vital pain relief to the patient as they continue their recovery.

This new line of knee bracing has been developed in close collaboration with the industry leading physicians and therapists, and each product within this line is designed to ensure outstanding comfort and optimal functionality for the wearer. Whether patients require knee bracing for day-to-day activities such as walking to work or to ensure high performance during sporting activities, Kinetic Konnection has the bracing solution to match those requirements with precision.

Kinetic Konnection’s exquisite line of products and services has helped the company to become one of Ontario’s leading knee bracing specialists. To date, the company has helped 125,000 Ontarians to receive bracing, orthotics and compression socks that are built precisely for their physiological requirements. And this number is expected to increase considerably thanks to the new additions to their superb product line.

For over 15-years Kinetic Konnection has supplied their clients with the industry’s most trusted models of compression stockings, foot orthotics and knee and orthopedic bracing. Their brand name is now considered to be one of the most trusted industry-wide. For more information, please go to

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