Toronto Orthotics Experts Kinetic Konnection Now Offering Clientele Custom Fit Orthotic Footwear

Windsor, Canada, January 19, 2012 --( Trusted Toronto orthotics specialists Kinetic Konnection are now providing Canadians across Ontario with customized orthotic solutions to their foot pain problems. From locations in Southwestern Ontario, the Kinetic Konnection specialists, who include trained chiropodists and Kinesiologists are now able to employ several unique cutting edge methods for creating custom-fit orthotics for their clientele.

One new tool at the disposal of the company in-house team of experts is their MetaScan Dynamic Gait Analysis. This outstanding measuring device scans the client’s foot 150 times per second while tracking eight points along the plantar surface of the foot. The MetaScan’s display will capture pressure along the points of the plantar surface, showcasing where the most pressure is being placed and for how long during the stance phase of the client’s gait in a colour corresponding with a 2D and 3D composite image of the skeletal structure of the patient’s foot.

Another of the exceptional new customization tools available to the team at Kinetic Konnection is the foam foot impression technique. Using this technique, a foam impression is made of the patient’s foot while the subtalar joint is in a neutral or standing position. This recently added service is designed to help clientele who have no forefoot to rearfoot misalignment as well as those who require a more accommodative style of orthotics such as those who have one of the more severe forms or arthritis or diabetes.

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For over 15-years Kinetic Konnection has supplied their clients with the industry’s most trusted models of compression stockings, foot orthotics and knee and orthopedic bracing. Their brand name is now considered to be one of the most trusted industry-wide. For more information, please go to

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