West Norwood Man Becomes Narconon Drug-Free Ambassador

West Norwood Citizen, Said Gutin, today announced that he has taken up the position of Ambassador to the Muslim Community in Britain on behalf of the drug education and rehabilitation Charity Narconon®.

London, United Kingdom, January 20, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Mr Gutin, a professional locksmith, business proprietor and father of three boys, said: “A few years ago I fell into trouble with drugs that nearly destroyed my family and my life. Thanks to Narconon’s wonderful drug-free rehabilitation programme, I acquired the tools with which to completely turn my life around and return to an ethical and happy existence. I am profoundly grateful to Narconon and I now wish to help others as I was helped.”

Inspired by his experience with Narconon, Mr Gutin is motivated by what he sees as the key to providing the Muslim community – or indeed any and all communities - with the know-how by which they can help itself, remove from their midst the primary causes of immorality, misery and crime in a true spirit of resourcefulness, pride and self reliance.

He will be working to place in the hands of community leaders Narconon’s knowhow in the areas of educating the young about drugs, drug-free withdrawal, detoxification and life skills courses that emphasise training as opposed to “treatment.” The aim is to empower the individual rather than “treat” him so that he can attain a position of responsibility and cause over his own life.

“That is certainly what I got from the Narconon programme and which I have seen so many others get,” he explained. “My life has completely turned around. My marriage is stronger than ever. The affinity I have for my children has increased and now I have the energy to actually keep up with them and do all the things that dads do! I have regained respect from my parents who had once given me up for dead. The rewards that I have gained from the changes I have made are boundless. My future is exciting to me and has endless potential. I want everyone to have that too.”

Mr Gutin’s vision is of friend helping friend, family member helping family member and the community helping itself utilising the successful methods that Narconon provides.

“Narconon is different,” he said. “Rather than using what it knows to make money out of other people’s misery, it seeks to place in the hands of others what it knows so that they can help themselves. That is the message that as Narconon ambassador I will be seeking to get across.”

Narconon was founded in 1966 by William Benitez, an inmate of Arizona State prison who used principles he read in a book entitled “The Fundamentals of Thought” by the humanitarian L Ron Hubbard to cure his own heroin addiction and then the addictions of other inmates on a truly self-help basis.

Since that time, Narconon has flourished and grown to a worldwide network of over 140 centres. This has been accomplished despite the slings and arrows of outraged vested interests, whose conventional methods of treatment, largely derived from the drug-based behaviour-modification paradigm of psychiatry have attracted growing controversy over recent years. Not least among the reasons for that are their very poor success rates, the astronomical costs involved and the fact that the problem with drugs has gotten catastrophically worse.

“Based on my own experience,” Mr Gutin said, “I regard the Narconon approach as head and shoulders above the rest, in terms of its respect for the individual and the success there is to be had from a diligent application of very straightforward knowledge. I like the fact that we have the means to place at grass roots level a solution that is not difficult to learn and does not cost us billions of pounds. If anyone wants to know more about what Narconon has to offer and decide for themselves, then please contact me and I will answer your questions.”

One cannot argue with the idea that if there is a chance that a workable method of ridding our community of drugs now exists, then people should at least go look for themselves.

You can find out more about Said Gutin and his role as Narconon Ambassador at http://said-gutin-narconon-ambassador.blogspot.com.

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Said Gutin: sgutin@hotmail.co.uk