Black Rose Writing Presents Spell Bound by Kristen McDonald

“Instead of the small red flames that had licked her palms before, bright purple and orange streams of burning lights, leapt outwards and surrounded the area.” -from Nikki, page 96 in Spell Bound.

Mishawaka, IN, January 20, 2012 --( Mishawaka, Indiana isn’t the first place you would expect magic to occur.

Ever since two figures left a baby named Nikki in a crowded hospital, replacing another baby who would have died within a month from crib disease, magic has arrived.

Thirteen years later, Nikki has grown up, and with that, some extraordinary circumstances have occurred—a football spontaneously catching fire, a revenge-seeking, sword-wielding woman whom she had never met before attacking her.

That’s when a fifteen-year-old boy, who claimed he’s her long lost cousin, shows up and proves to her who she really is and where she really comes from. As they travel to her real home, it becomes clear she‘s gotten more than she bargained for. This is a place where curses aren’t from the outside world, but inside of you. Revenge is lurking in everyone and death is drawing closer with every step. Powers are more complicated than just having a wooden stick. And magic, or Je Ne Sais Quoi as her cousin likes to call it, is drawing the fire inside her, ever closer.

Kristen McDonald is published at the age of fifteen and has dreamt about being an author since she was in first grade.

She wishes she lived on the shores of Oregon, but is presently stuck living in Mishawaka, Indiana. Sword fighting and castle storming are on her top list of priorities. Her friends inspire all of her characters.

Her favorite quote is Toni Morrison’s, “If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

Now available for review request (both hard copy and electronic). Purchase from and many other online bookstores. The book is also available for direct order via the Ingram Book Catalogue, Books in Print, Baker & Taylor. ISBN # 978-1-61296-081-4.

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