New York Life Coach Offers Help to Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Teens

William Constantine, a highly sought after Life Coach, is reaching out to Gay, Lesbian and Transgender teens who are having difficulty accepting their identity, dealing with bullying, or contemplating suicide.

Hampton, NY, January 20, 2012 --( Life Coach Offers Help to Gay, Lesbian & Transgender Teens

A Story of Hope and Inspiration

William Constantine is a Life Coach who spends his days helping people create more abundance, changing what he calls their “human conditioning.” Constantine, had a life riddled with hardships, he was born to a drug-addicted mother who later died of AIDS. He endured years of abuse both physical and sexual during his childhood and spent three years homeless eating out of garbage cans. It was at this point that Constantine claims that he gained valuable insight into his conditioned beliefs – it was his ah-ha moment.

Though he didn’t know it at the time, it was that moment that caused a chain reaction that resulted in a transformation in his life. Through his experiences he has gained the knowledge to help others transform their lives.

Constantine has been and continues to be heartbroken at the alarming number of teen suicides due to struggling with bullying and sexual identity. He has decided to take this issue head on by offering free life coaching to gay, lesbian, and transgender teens struggling with their own identity and contemplating suicide.

Recently, in a Facebook and Twitter update he stated;

“Help me spread the word: I'm offering free coaching to all #gay and #lesbian teens struggling with their life and contemplating suicide. I want to help and do my part to stop this ongoing trend of suicide in youth.”

For more information about Constantine and his work visit his website,

William Constantine
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