ZYTO Corp. Annual Meeting of Stockholders Elects Board of Directors Following Biotechnology Conference

ZYTO Corp. (OTC - ZYTC.pk) added two members to the board of directors after an election at the annual meeting of stockholders. The election followed a three-day conference attended by doctors and healthcare providers who use ZYTO technology.

Orem, UT, May 11, 2007 --(PR.com)-- ZYTO Corp. (OTC - ZYTC.pk) added to the board of directors at the annual meeting of stockholders on May 5, 2007 following a three day conference of doctors and healthcare providers from around the world.

About 200 doctors and healthcare practitioners from many disciplines came from as far away as Australia to learn about the biotechnology and biocommunications developed by Dr. Vaughn Cook, founder of the company. The conference brought in about $260,000 in new sales, according to Cook.

The company has already seen rapid growth over the past year, and has doubled in size. Cook is predicting continued growth as more and more doctors discover ZYTO (tm) technology.

Cook received a patent pending on the technology that enables computers and human bodies to communicate. Healthcare practitioners are able to use the ZYTO technology to make better-informed diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. Even though this process has clinical value, instruments using the ZYTO technology are not medical devices.

The following board members were re-elected at the stockholders meeting:

Dr. Vaughn R Cook, OMD, president/CEO of ZYTO Corp. and founder of the company.

Dr. Dennis A. Robbins, Ph.D., MPH, served as an advisor to the President’s Commission on Ethical Issues in Biomedicine, Biomedical and Behavioral Research.

Dr. Marc Leib, M.D., J.D., is a prominent attorney and physician with significant experience dealing with the Food and Drug Administration oversight of medical devices.

The following new members of the board were elected:

Goodwin Wang has assisted Fortune 500 companies successfully launching into China.

Duane Davis, vice president of sales for ZYTO Corp., has worked in the alternative medical field for many years.

The company has a web site at http://www.ZYTO.com

About ZYTO Corp.
ZYTO Corp. was founded by Dr. Vaughn Cook, OMD. The company provides computerized bio-technology equipment and software with clinical applications that include obtaining information from the human body to assist healthcare practitioners to make better decisions.

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