ZYTO Corp. Concerned About Federal Mandates on Health Insurance in H.R. 1424

Proposed federal mandates in H.R. 1424 on health insurance offered by employers may drive up the cost of premiums and cause small companies to reduce or eliminate health insurance benefits. - March 07, 2008

ZYTO Corp. Uses Editor Based LinksManager.com to Generate Relevant Traffic and to Improve SEO

ZYTO Corp. uses an automated online reciprocal link software to improve search engine optimization. The use of the service saves time and money, and gets results, according to company officials. - February 15, 2008

Marketing a Chiropractic Healthcare Practice Easier with ZYTO Technology

Chiropractors using the latest biotechnology from ZYTO Corp. report success in the growth of their practice and a better ability to assess the needs of their patients. - November 01, 2007

Wilmington Chiropractor Adds Zyto Biotechnology to Improve Patient Services

Zyto biotechnology enables healthcare providers to use the newest bio-communications technology that enables a computer to actually talk to a patient’s body. The information gathered is used by healthcare workers to make better recommendations for health. - October 01, 2007

Denver Alternative Healthcare Uses Star Trek Technology for Health and Wellness

Denver alternative healthcare provider Annelle Norman of Vital Energy Clinic is using the latest biotechnology from ZYTO Corp. to guide people to a healthier life. Free demonstrations are available to the press. - September 29, 2007

Zyto Congratulates Xymogen for fitfood (tm) Weight Loss Product

Xymogen Inc. has created a new weight loss product designed to help anyone who wants to get lean, get healthy, and get fit. - August 25, 2007

WallSt.net Interview of ZYTO Corp. Founder Dr. Vaughn R. Cook Discusses Company Growth

ZYTO Corp. is the subject of an interview on WallSt.net featuring company founder Dr. Vaughn R. Cook. The interview is available for listening online. - August 23, 2007

Xymogen Inc. Begins Marketing of Zyto Bio-Technology to Healthcare Practitioners

Xymogen Inc. executive board members have begun using Zyto technology in their own private practices after a demonstration at a recent board meeting. The company has begun marketing the technology to health care practitioners. - July 31, 2007

ZYTO Corp. Announces Strategic Marketing Alliance with XYMOGEN Improves Revenue

ZYTO Corp. has announced that it has entered into a strategic marketing agreement with XYMOGEN for the sale of ZYTO technology to XYMOGEN customers. The joint marketing agreement brings higher sales revenues to both companies. - July 28, 2007

ZYTO Corp. Strategic Alliance with BioNativus Improves Sales for Both Companies

ZYTO Corp. has announced that a marketing agreement with BioNativus for the sale of ZYTO technology to the health care practitioners who are customers of BioNativus has paid off in higher sales for both companies. - July 27, 2007

Biology, Quantum Physics, Energy Medicine, Galvanic Skin Response Combine for Bio-technology

Zyto bio-technology enables healthcare providers to use a computer to communicate directly with a patient’s body. It is based on biology, quantum physics, energy medicine, galvanic skin response, and doctors of all kinds love it. - July 11, 2007

ZYTO Corp. Announces Activity in Pursuit of NASDAQ Stock Listing

ZYTO Corp. is pursuing a course to list company stock on NASDAQ. The company currently trades in the pink sheets. - May 31, 2007

ZYTO Corp. Annual Meeting of Stockholders Elects Board of Directors Following Biotechnology Conference

ZYTO Corp. (OTC - ZYTC.pk) added two members to the board of directors after an election at the annual meeting of stockholders. The election followed a three-day conference attended by doctors and healthcare providers who use ZYTO technology. - May 11, 2007

Zyto Corp. Announces Annual Meeting of Stockholders

ZYTO Corp. has announced the annual meeting of stockholders will be on May 5, 2007. - April 22, 2007

Zyto Corp. Announces Additional Presenter at Biotechnology Conference for Healthcare Practitioners

Zyto Corp. (OTC - ZYTC.pk) has announced the addition of Dr. Jeff Wheelwright, DC, as a presenter at a three-day conference in Park City, Utah offered at no charge to healthcare professionals. - April 18, 2007

ZYTO Corp. Announces Bio-technology Conference to Include Anti-aging Presentation

ZYTO Corp. (OTC - ZYTC.pk) has announced that Dr. Paul Ling Tai will address the healthcare practitioners at the annual ZYTO Conference on the subject of natural bio-phyto hormones for the ultimate anti-aging program. - April 13, 2007

Zyto Corp. Announces Annual Conference for Healthcare Practitioners

Zyto Corp. has announced plans for the company’s annual conference for healthcare practitioners to be held in Park City, Utah. There is no charge for participation. - April 07, 2007

Zyto Corp. Marketing Goals on Track According to Board of Directors

Zyto Corp. began a marketing program in January that uses a strategic alliance of nutriceutical companies and their network of healthcare professionals. Members of the board of directors are pleased with the progress. - April 03, 2007

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