The Dark Legion, First of the Keiratha Trilogy, Available for a Limited Time as an Ebook for Only 99 Cents

Debut fantasy novel from exciting young writer, Michael Holladay, now available as an ebook for only 99 cents for a limited time. "The Dark Legion" is the first in the Keiratha Trilogy.

Orlando, FL, January 20, 2012 --( Signalman Publishing has announced that "The Dark Legion" by Michael Holladay is now available as an ebook for the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble nook and the Apple iBookstore for a limited time for only 99 cents. This special offer is only available for ebook readers.

"The Dark Legion" is Holladay’s debut novel and is the first of the forthcoming Keiratha Trilogy. The book begins with 18 year-old Thareous, who was fascinated by the encaged dragon in Galgon's palace courtyard. He wondered about the dragon’s history and why it was caged. He remembered tales of a beast that had harassed the kingdom a generation past. He often visited with Nalla, a princess, hoping to find an indication of this, for he knows there to be more to the dragon... Then, during one visit, the dragon speaks to Thareous and Nalla, warning them of an evil horde marching for Galgon. Soon events turn against them, and the dragon known as Ianvorr is forced to take them into the forgotten realms of the kingdom, Keiratha. There the exiled order known as the Omnipotent Ones has hidden, but now stir in this time of need. Upon meeting them, Thareous discovers he is the target of a millennia-old prophecy: that he must defeat the gravest threat known to all.

"The Dark Legion" is a fresh addition to the fantasy-allegory genre through its effective use of language and character development that has been finely tuned so that the reader will be transported to a far different place and time.

"The Dark Legion" (ISBN: 978-1-935991-22-9, $15.99 paperback or $0.99 ebook, Fiction-Fantasy-Allegory) from indie book publisher Signalman, is distributed through Ingram, Amazon, Barnes &, and can be purchased wherever fine books are sold.

About Michael Holladay

Growing up the fourth of six sons in the tiny community of Ben Franklin, Texas, Michael's home education afforded the opportunity for individualized studies more suited to his personal interests. He discovered his love for words at a young age while completing a wordsmith program and began writing "The Dark Legion" at age fourteen. Michael continues his research and work to complete the trilogy.

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