Data Acquisition from bmcm Synchronized to Real-Time

With LAN measurement technology, BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) realizes professional measurement via network. The latest release of NextView 4, the software for data acquisition and analysis, synchronizes signals of different LAN data acquisition systems to real-time.

Maisach, Germany, January 21, 2012 --( PC measurement with external DAQ systems has established in measurement technology: Connect a DAQ device to the notebook, attach signals, and measure. Undoubtedly, the USB interface has stood the test of time being a reasonable and uncomplicated solution for mobile measurement.

If professional data acquisition is required, however, the long-time specialist for PC measurement, BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) focuses on the LAN network. Where the USB device has its limitations, the LAN data acquisition system is the adequate solution featuring crucial advantages as the following examples demonstrate:

· Synchronization
Effects of earthquakes can be measured at any number of places worldwide. Measurement data recorded with different LAN data acquisition systems are comparable with each other, because they are synchronous to real-time, and can be transmitted via internet to a central PC.

How do you monitor the water pressure to a barrage on both sides of a river during a flood, the river separating the two measuring points? If you do not want to install two measurement systems, a cost-saving solution would be WLAN – wireless without annoying cabling.

· Remote
When signals are recorded in harsh environment, e.g. in field use or in a machine hall, a measurement system is exposed to extreme influences, such as humidity or dirt, especially in long-term measurement. In this case, only the LAN data acquisition system is installed at the measurement point. The recorded signals are transmitted interference-free via a network cable to a PC standing at a "safe" place.

· Distributed
Measurement and control at many different positions of a production process can easily be done with LAN measurement systems. The data are brought together to a central PC via a shared network cable, are related to each other, and analyzed. Relations become visible. The multi-point measuring system can be extended at will.

LAN data acquisition systems from bmcm are available as standalone version (LAN-AD16f) or as an all-in-one solution with integrated amplifier technology designed as a desktop unit (AMS42-LAN16f) or a rack system (AMS84-LAN16f). Configuration settings are automatically assigned to the devices via DHCP without a driver installation being necessary.

Use of LAN measurement technology is especially recommended for data acquisition via many channels, at different places, across great distances, wireless, or without interferences.

The subject "synchronization" deserves to be especially mentioned: As soon as signals are recorded with more than one device, the time relation is not correct anymore. Measurement data may diverge and cannot be compared with each other. Without synchronization providing a time relation to different DAQ systems, important information is lost.

The latest version 4.5 of NextView 4 supports synchronization to real-time for LAN measurement hardware from bmcm. A free, fully-functional 30-day trial of the software for data acquisition and analysis is provided.

"Simply measure..." is one of the key principles of BMC Messsysteme GmbH. Who wants to simply measure, uses USB. Who simply wants to professionally measure, decides in favor of LAN.

Further information about LAN measurement technology is provided on the bmcm website.

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