MaxMD Awarded Patent for Securing Communications Across a Top Level Domain

Fort Lee, NJ, January 21, 2012 --( MaxMD, a secure communications company serving the healthcare industry, announced today the final approval of patent #12012128; A System and Method for Providing Security Via a Top Level Domain.

The MaxMD system enables new Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) to easily create secure communication exchanges that facilitate far greater use of electronic mail for private and sensitive information. The invention enables end-to-end secure electronic messaging between registered users of a top level domain and beyond; allowing independent entities and disparate systems of all sizes to exchange structured and unstructured data in a secure, scalable and cost effective manner.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) recently launched the new gTLD program. The expansion will change the Internet’s Domain Name System by increasing the number of gTLDs beyond the 22 current endings, such as .com, .org, .net, etc. New gTLDs will promote competition by increasing choices for more descriptive domain name addresses, and encouraging the development of new vertical segments of the World Wide Web.

With the MaxMD system, individuals or organizations interested in launching a new Top Level Domain can communicate securely without exposing their correspondences to the internet. The MaxMD invention improves upon and simplifies conventional encryption protocols with greater flexibility, less vulnerability, lower costs and ease-of-use transparency for registered users.

The system also mitigates the breach risks associated with portals and centralized data storage. Portals, which are widely used to exchange sensitive or protected information, function much like an electronic P.O. Box or secure vault requiring users to pick up and leave messages in a secure repository. In comparison, the MaxMD system enables direct point-to-point communications which are more dynamic, more effective, and mitigate some of the security risks associated with portals.

While MaxMD is primarily focused on a creating a scalable cost efficient solution for the healthcare market, the system enables any new gTLD to realize the cost-savings and “green” benefits of reduced paper, ink and document shipping expenses resulting from a paperless exchange of structured or unstructured data and electronic correspondences.

In addition to secure message routing, MaxMD’s Digital Signature product enable organizations to digitally sign and cryptographically seal plan of care documents, contracts, or any other document that requires a legally binding signature. The ability to securely exchange and sign “unalterable” documents improves workflow, lowers variable costs and extends “green” benefits to organizations of any type.

In addition to MaxMD’s work in secure healthcare communications, MaxMD is experienced in running registry services and has offered assistance to companies interested in establishing a new gTLD in the following areas. Technical Help; Consulting; Application Writing and Processing; Registry Back-end Services; DNS Services; DNSSEC Consulting; IDN Implementation Support. To learn more about partnering with MaxMD’s Business to Business solutions and secure communication products, please visit, or call 201 963 0005, or email


About MaxMD
MaxMD is a HISP and a nation-wide health information network ( NwHIN ) Direct Project solution providing secure email, digital signatures, domain names, hosting services and website development to the healthcare industry. The secure health information network is a landmark health IT solution that facilitates the protected exchange of structured and unstructured data between independent organizations and disparate systems through encrypted “push” technology.

Our products and API’s are designed to deliver rapid and scalable implementation for physicians, hospitals, and application service providers. The network technology satisfies 100% of the technical safeguards and security standards of HIPAA, HITECH, NwHIN Direct Project, and FTC – Privacy by Design policy standards.

Our development criteria demands that products offer state-of-the-art data security, along with a short, shallow user learning curve and cost savings gained from a streamlined workflow. ePHI is never exposed to the internet. The result is uncompromised privacy and security in a comprehensive solution set that is sustainable, capital efficient and operationally ready for adoption today.

Healthcare organizations from over 30 countries and 22 business segments of the healthcare market use the full range of our secure web services.
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