Information Managers, Inc. (INFOMAN) Unleashed Progress' OpenEdge

Makati City, Philippines, May 11, 2007 --( Progress OpenEdge is a complete, tightly integrated platform for rapid development, deployment, integration and management of high performance business applications.

Anything you can imagine - building a brand new e-business application, moving a back-office application to the Web, or integrating suppliers and customers - you can do it faster and more reliably with Progress OpenEdge.

Infoman has 2,000 global application partners. Also, they are offering more than 5,000 business applications. Furthermore, they have the domain expertise to make over 50,000 companies more efficient and competitive.

Progress technology is focused solely on business. From accounting to supply chain management, Progress applications automate and drive the processes that give customers their competitive edge.

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Information Managers, Inc. (INFOMAN) - Philippines
Francis Rodriguez