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In celebration of January as "national garden catalog" month, Glen Allen, VA-based The Wright Scoop – consultant, lecturer, & wordsmith, Sylvia Hoehns Wright, nationally recognized contributing writer and eco-specialist, challenges all to "plant more plants," focus on plow not hearth.

Richmond, VA, January 24, 2012 --(PR.com)-- From the rain forests of south-east Alaska to the deciduous forests of the Mid-Atlantic region, winter storm advisories exist. As a result, many focus on "hearth and home," not plow but from an environmental stewardship perspective, the Wright Scoop urges a focus on "plow, not hearth."

Having recommend a series of "plow, not hearth" gifts during the holiday season, in celebration of January as "national garden catalog" month, The Wright Scoop – consultant, lecturer, & wordsmith, Sylvia Hoehns Wright urges all to review prior year landscape garden activities and plant more plants for year 2012.

"On cold winter weather days," says Wright, "while many prefer reading a book by the hearth, those of us who 'dig in the dirt' sort through prior year garden project receipts and seed packets, update our garden journals, review 'dog eared' garden articles of interest; and plan seasonal projects. To honor the concept of January as national 'organize' and 'garden catalog' month, it is an excellent time to discard prior year landscape garden printed material clutter and review new arrival catalogs for planting projects."

Specific to purchases, Wright suggests starting with a local "feed and seed" retail store provider. Next, in the spirit of "buy-local," acquire purchases from regional suppliers; and then, focus on "brand name" product producers which can usually be purchased through local vendors, too. "While for the novice," says Wright, "this process may sound overwhelming, through purchasing buy-local, there is the benefit of on-site expertise; and for those who choose to order from non-regional vendors, most suppliers do provide an assortment of prepackaged garden projects."

January - National Garden Catalog Month:

An event intended to inspire gardeners nation-wide, "national garden catalog" month is an opportunity to identify plants well-known for their sustainability and explore new additions. For those who use on-line resources, there is a web site Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs which provides access to almost all categories of landscape garden supplies. Niche resources can also be identified through the option of "google search" or national resource organizations such as the National Gardening Association or American Horticulture Society as well as regional garden clubs, community Extension Services, or horticulture educational sites such as public gardens.

In addition to the traditional focus of garden catalogs, there are other creative ways to celebrate. On weather permitting days, host community "green clean up" days, schedule a review of a plant propagation book, schedule a seed exchange or plant swap, or include a seasonal special project, "plant a row for the hungary." Make year 2012's focus "plant more plants," reflect "plow, not hearth."

From Eco-weak to Eco-chic, green America’s landscape:

As recipient of the "Turning America from Eco-weak to Eco-chic" award sponsored by Project Evergreen, Today’s Garden Center magazine and Hines Horticulture, Wright encourages all to create landscapes from a sustainable point of view - CARE: a perspective of conservation, accountability, recovery and eco-efficiency. “The challenge,” says Wright, “for present-day communities is to create landscapes from an eco-chic point of view, a ‘waste not, and want not’ ecological commitment: become caretakers for their environmental community.”

Featured by Virginia Home Grown WCVE Richmond PBS TV, State by State Gardening magazines and Birds & Blooms magazine for her hands-on eco-activities, Wright is a contributing writer for Industry magazines and newspapers and has blog for Build Green TV. Details of her books are available at Sylvia Wright's Storefront - Lulu.com and activities at web site www.TheWrightScoop.com. Contact Sylvia@TheWrightScoop.com or follow Wright’s activities through facebook group The Wright Scoop or twitter ID WrightScoop.

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