It’s Not Just Kids That Drown in Pools… Watch Your Dogs Too!

A warning and reminder to homeowners – swimming pools are dangerous for pets as well as kids – from leading homeowner advocacy group HomeSource.

Sydney, Australia, January 25, 2012 --( As Australians, we love our pets and over 63% of the 7.5 million households in Australia share our homes with them[1]. But there is a growing danger that many Australians are blissfully unaware of, and as the percentage of households with pools increases rapidly (11.7% of homes had pools in 2007 and rising[2]) so does this danger increase that our pets could be the next pool drowning victims.

So if we want to continue enjoying our pools and pets we must take pre-cautions.

Most of us know that dogs can swim but statistics from the United States revealed that the odds of a pet drowning are 1 in 1,028[3].

“Just as it is with kids the main danger arises when the animals can’t get out of the pool, and the stress and exhaustion, ends up with them drowning. Unfortunately, online pet forums like “Dogzonline”[4] are filled with tragic stories about pets and wild animals drowning,” said Pia Vogel, HomeSource joint managing director.

“Swimming pools are dangerous for animals too and even if you don’t have kids you need to follow safety procedures.

“Most pet owners are very close to their pets and it is natural that pets become a part of their families. To avoid tragedy you just need to think ahead and take every precaution necessary.

“At HomeSource we are all about looking after and protecting homeowners and theirs loved ones,” Ms Vogel said.

“So our advice for pet owners is to take preventive measures and make sure your pets are safe in their own backyard! Here are some of the ones that will be easy to do:

Install a pool alarm system for pets

A good way to prevent pets drowning is to install a pool alarm system designed for pets, such as “Safety Turtle”[5]. Safety Turtle consists of a Base Station and a small, colour-coded Turtle sensor that attaches to the pet’s collar. If the pet falls or ventures into the water, the Turtle sensor instantly sends a radio signal to the Base Station. This sounds a very loud and distinctive alarm to alert the owner in time to rescue the distressed animal.

Install a water escape ramp

Another way to prevent animals from drowning is to install an escape ramp like “Skamper-Ramp”[6]. Skamper-Ramp is a simple, white, hi-tech plastic ramp that attaches to the deck of the pool and provides for animals easy access out of the pool.

Install a pool fence

A Pool fence is a classic and very safe method for protecting kids and animals alike. Modern pool fencing can be very elegant, complimenting the look of your backyard. A pool fence not only provides safety for your family, guests and pets but also can add value to your property and be useful when it comes to the design of your pool area and backyard layout [7].

“Just make sure that if you’re going to the effort of installing a pool fence you do it properly and that your fence complies with your local government standards,” Ms Vogel warns.

“Knowing what to do and having a professional service like HomeSource behind you to help find the right contractors who are qualified, licensed and insured, and who also know the building codes, can make all the difference when it comes to getting the job completed with confidence,” said Ms Vogel.

Consider all the possible precautionary options and if you decide to install a pool fence, know you can always rely on HomeSource for the best contractors and building advice.








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