KeyWolf Provides Ground-Breaking Low-Cost Metal and Plastic Circular Electrical Connector Solutions

KeyWolf provides high-quality, low-cost electrical connector solutions readily available in-stock through the means of a robust global sourcing platform and superior engineering talent.

Los Angeles, CA, January 25, 2012 --( $10/Pair for Metal and $6/Pair for Plastic Circular Electrical Connectors (OEM Pricing).

Design requirements are flowed down from a confluence of regulatory standards and customer requirements. Hardware design requirements that encompass both electrical (EMI/EMC) and mechanical (Environmental) lead the way in defining the testing requirements (DVT, Design Verification Testing) of each line requirement prior to in-house qualification.

With a myriad of quality inspections along the way, the end-product is a blend of precision-engineered product at an affordable price. Finally, no more absurd prices for electrical connectors. $100 for a mated pair? How about $10.

Plastic Connectors
KW02.PAG.M0.4GX.AC39JZ (Male Solder Plug, 4 Pins) at $3.34 (OEM quantities, >5000) and KW02.PKG.M0.4GX.LA (Female Solder Panel-Mount Socket, 4 Sockets) at $3.04 (OEM quantities, >5000) for a total of $6.38 per pair.

Metal Connectors
KW01.FGG.0B.303.CXAD42Z (Male Solder Plug, 3 Pins) at $6.99 (OEM quantities, >5000) and KW01.EGG.0B.303.CXL (Female Solder Panel-Mount Socket, 3 Sockets) at $3.87 (OEM quantities, >5000) for a total of $10.86 per pair.

Easy Selection Using Connector Configurator
Confused during selection of hundreds of configurations? With the KeyWolf Part Number Configurator, customers are guided through the selection process for the appropriate electrical connector type for any application. All prices are displayed and all mating part numbers annotated.

About KeyWolf:

KeyWolf is the precision-engineered low-cost electrical connector solution providing ground-breaking solutions for battery, AC/DC Servo motor, power, inverter, panel meters, solar , ground, circuit breaker connector, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), timer, transformer, speaker lighting, diagnostics, HVAC, machine, current probe, lasers, gyroscopes, capacitive, inductive, humidity, proximity, pressure, tilt and vibration connector applications.

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