“The Crystal Andrus Show” Launched on CBS Sky Radio

Crystal Andrus, international motivational speaker, relationship expert and world-renowned empowerment coach, will support, guide and heal the listeners of “The Crystal Andrus Show.”

Greenbank, Ontario, Canada, January 26, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Crystal Andrus, one of the world’s most inspiring empowerment coaches, hosts “The Crystal Andrus Show” every Monday 4-5 pm ET on CBS Sky Radio. This promising radio show will deliver its listeners the taste of freedom each week as Andrus takes their calls and answers their most important and pressing questions.

Empowering, enlightening, and educational, “The Crystal Andrus Show” is not just another live coaching show, instead it will lift the listeners to the highest levels of consciousness, while impressing upon addressees the tools needed to create their greatest life. Crystal’s sidekick and Musical Director, Natalie Hughes, is a prolific songwriter and riveting performer, who adds passion, humor, and healing to this magical hour.

Every speaking event, teleseminar, or show that Crystal leads, is filled with powerful, cutting-edge information, education, and inspiration. When Crystal teaches, the listener learns. To access this empowerment coaching show, and to get direct help, guidance and support from Crystal Andrus, please visit: http://sky.radio.com/shows/crystal-andrus-show/

Crystal Andrus is a reputable name among the leaders in the field of self-discovery and personal transformation. But this was not always so easy. After her parent’s divorce at age 12, extended sexual abuse from a family friend, a stranger rape at 14, moving on her own at 15, battling the early stages of cervical cancer alone, moving countless times to avoid homelessness until she married very young, experiencing a huge weight gain then a difficult divorce that left her almost bankrupt, to becoming a single mother with no support to her two young daughters - Crystal has subsequently risen to become a best-selling author, international motivational speaker, relationship expert for The Huffington Post, TV host, women’s advocate, and Founder of the #1 coaching program for women world-wide: “The SWAT Institute” (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer).

For more information about ‘The Crystal Andrus Show or any of Crystal’s services, please visit her official website: www.crystalandrus.com, www.swatinstitute.com

Listeners who desire more information, or to be a part of this unique radio show, everyone is invited to visit: http://sky.radio.com/shows/crystal-andrus-show/

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Aaron Morissette
Director of Operations Crystal Andrus Productions

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