New Release of Smartlogic’s Content Intelligence Platform Offers Contextual Navigation and Improved Multi-Lingual Capability

Semaphore 3.3 includes "semantic visualization" tool, enterprise metadata management, new user review and feedback facility, and exceptional integration with SharePoint 2010.

San Jose, CA, January 26, 2012 --( Smartlogic has released the latest version of its pioneering Content Intelligence Platform, Semaphore, offering more features to enhance enterprise search, drive business workflow and organize enterprise metadata, as well as providing capability for much closer integration with SharePoint 2010, the widely used corporate information management system from Microsoft.

The new features available with Semaphore 3.3 include:

• multi-lingual information management capability that enables users to switch between languages, allowing documents to be classified and labeled in different languages using the same authority model
• a "semantic visualization" tool for contextual navigation, which enables users to navigate the structure of information, rather than the information itself, boosting the enterprise search user experience and improving information discovery
• an "ontology review" tool that allows clients to feedback on the terminology being used by an organization to label its information assets
• a "publisher" function that ensures that all aspects of an organization’s many information navigation and classification systems are synchronized

At its core, Smartlogic’s Semaphore Content Intelligence Platform enables enterprises to turn unstructured content into actionable information by enhancing the capabilities of existing information management systems such as SharePoint and OpenText. As a Content Intelligence Platform, Semaphore assists organizations in identifying, classifying, extracting, analyzing and utilizing hard-to-find information assets such as research papers, plans, proposals, presentations, meeting notes, strategy documents, reports, memos, web copy and emails.

Jeremy Bentley, Smartlogic’s chief executive, commented: “This newest version of Semaphore enables us to provide the most complete Content Intelligence solution available out of the box. At a time when most organizations are struggling with information overload, information governance issues, the limits of existing information management systems, and an increasing need to monetize and repurpose information, what clients are asking for is a Content Intelligence solution they can easily implement alongside their existing information management systems without the need for a costly 'Rip and Replace' program.

“At Smartlogic, we have been doing this since the first release of Semaphore in 2006 and have listened to our customers as we have fine-tuned it. With Semaphore 3.3, we’ve further innovated our solution and added many new features, making it more straightforward to implement and operate than ever – and giving the market what they’ve asked for.”

The launch of the newest version of Semaphore comes just two months after the application received the 2011 European Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award. Charanya Balasubramanian, research analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said of Semaphore: “This technological innovation endows existing enterprise systems with capabilities to find, organize, process, monetize, control and govern unstructured content in an efficient manner. Encompassing four modules, Semaphore radically changes the search, navigation and content intelligence capabilities.”

The release of Semaphore 3.3 also follows the recent acquisition of one of Smartlogic’s chief competitors, Seattle-based SchemaLogic – giving it clear market leadership. Smartlogic, which was founded in 2006, has more than 300 customers worldwide and offices in San Jose and London.

For more information, contact Victoria Smith at Maya Natarajan, VP Marketing, Smartlogic at or +1 408 213 9500.


About Smartlogic –

Smartlogic, The Content Intelligence Company.

Smartlogic's Semaphore is a Content Intelligence Platform which complements an organisation’s investments in Enterprise Search, Business Intelligence and Content Management. Semaphore provides effective, rapid and accurate control of, and access to, unstructured content with a speed, accuracy and intelligence not achievable today from existing systems – systems that are strained by soaring information volumes and more complex user requests

Semaphore endows these systems with capabilities, such as taxonomy & ontology management, automatic content classification and contextual navigation, so that organisations can better find, organise, process, monetise, control and govern unstructured content.

Smartlogic Content Intelligence solutions enable better access to corporate knowledge, improved risk management and compliance, superior customer relationship management, enhanced information findability for key audiences, and an improved ability to monetize information. Hundreds of companies, including NASA, Bank of America, AutoDesk, Oxy, UBS, Ford Foundation, Pitney Bowes, the UK’s National Health Service, The UK National Archive, RBS, and, use Smartlogic technology today. For more information, please go to

· Media companies use Semaphore to improve the quality of their information feeds, boosting distribution, readership & subscriptions
· Government authorities use Semaphore to tag information according to their standards, for compliance, intelligence processing & citizen self-service
· Healthcare companies use Semaphore to boost the level of self-service and improve the quality of critical health information they provide to patients
· Investment banks use Semaphore to consolidate their information costs, better promote their primary research and automate information compliance.
· Online directories use Semaphore to increase their advertising revenues
· Corporate intranets & websites use Semaphore to boost their use and maximise their return on information assets.
· Information managers use Semaphore to manage their taxonomies and ontologies, classification schemes and records retention policies.

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