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Ajax Union Online Marketing

Brooklyn-Based SEO Company Ajax Union Highlights Enhanced Local Internet Marketing Pay-Per-Click Options

SEO, New York-based online marketing company Ajax Union is promoting its extensive pay-per-click management services, designed to help small businesses boost their pageviews, sales, and impressions on search engine results pages.

Brooklyn, NY, January 26, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Online marketing company Ajax Union, which offers a range of holistic plans to help boost small businesses’ online profiles and search engine standings, is promoting its Pay-Per-Click and Google AdWords services at http://www.AjaxUnion.com. Alongside its search engine optimization, press release writing, social media marketing, and business blogging services, the local internet marketing business promotes PPC as an effective way for small businesses to elevate their online profiles and grow their customer bases.

The search engine agency promotes its Pay-Per-Click Feeder service as an essential aspect of any small business’ general internet marketing campaign alongside other search engine optimization strategies. PPC management is a search engine-based advertising model that allows businesses to pay only for their ads that receive clicks, and not for the overall impressions of each ad (how many times the ad is displayed). The amount paid per click, determined by the relevant keywords a business selects in addition to several other factors, is agreed upon in advance. The high degree of customization, low cost, and direct positive effects PPC marketing has on a business’ pageviews, sales, and search engine appearances are all factors that make PPC a compelling small business internet marketing channel.

“We’ve seen tremendous success from our Pay-Per-Click Management Plan. Using a combination of Google AdWords, Yahoo! Advertising, and other ad-hosting services, we’ve seen some of our clients’ page visits jump over 1,000% since the launch of the PPC Feeder campaign, as well as steep increases in ad impressions and ad-based revenue. Our team, certified in Google AdWords management, works with clients from the start to formulate a tailored campaign, select keywords, build company profiles, derive a budget, launch the ads and then follow up with any tweaks or news we receive. As an SEO company, we further distinguish ourselves by making ourselves accessible to clients whenever they want to check in,” said Josh Lewinson, the PPC Manager of the search engine agency.

The PPC plans hosted by the internet marketing agency begin at only $450 per month, and increase on a sliding scale based on the adspend budget and chosen ad networks, in addition to the amount of keyword research, the degree of analytics reporting and the types of ads that a client prefers. The budget-friendly PPC Saver Plan uses the Google ad network, allots $1,000 on monthly adspend, and includes keyword research and analytics reporting. The mid-level PPC Basic Plan, meanwhile, gives clients the opportunity to host ads on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search networks, a $5,000 monthly budget, and graphic banner ads in addition to analytics and keyword research. The PPC Feeder service tops out with the PPC Pro Plan, which increases the monthly adspend budget to $15,000, and also adds personalized ad targeting and landing page consulting services on top of the small business internet marketing services afforded by the PPC Basic Plan.

As with all of the company’s marketing plans, the Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Marketing plan works on a month-to-month basis, so businesses won’t feel pressured into signing extensive contracts. The SEO company particularly strives to remain accessible and transparent to its clients, and provides them with updates on every action taken on their behalf. Clients are additionally given the log-in information to their PPC accounts, so no information or transactions occur without their knowledge. For businesses that are interested in experimenting with PPC and other local internet marketing but are hesitant to purchase a monthly plan, Ajax Union also provides the option to pay an additional $100 on an existing plan to try out Google AdWords on a smaller scale.

To connect with the SEO NY search engine agency and learn more about its PPC Feeder plan, go to http://www.AjaxUnion.com or call 800-594-0444 for a free consultation. Ajax Union’s small business internet marketing updates can be found at its blog, http://www.AjaxUnion.com/blog, or its Facebook and Twitter pages, at http://www.facebook.com/AjaxUnion and http://twitter.com/AjaxUnion.

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