Houston Insurance Agency to Expand Marketing Reach Into Social Networks

As one of the Houston's newest independent insurance agencies in the Houston Metro area, 1st Insure aims to put its customers and clients first when it comes to bringing better quality services. With the use of social marketing websites such as Twitter and Facebook 1st Insure can market and service policies on social networks.

Houston, TX, January 27, 2012 --(PR.com)-- While most insurance agencies are currently experiencing a client shift from traditional marketing in the form of direct mail to more web based such as Facebook or Google Adwords, Houston based 1st Insure aims to conquer the online industry when it comes to marketing to new clients on the web. Social media websites have become the main base where clients and businesses are able to interact with each other, and with more and more customers using mediums such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, 1st Insure goes to these marketing platforms in order to bring information on insurance to those who are in need.

Social Media Has Changed Insurance Agencies

Social media has permeated the lives of most individuals, and it has become a very important tool for the expansion of business promotions and marketing. As such, even insurance agencies can find a niche market which they can build even with only using an online platform.

1. More Effective In Reaching a Younger Demographic

Younger people are not reacting to traditional marketing efforts such as direct mail. In addition younger individuals are also rethinking the traditional brick and mortar insurance agencies. This is the main reason why marketers are turning to the internet to capture these more elusive clients.

Because of this, it is the insurance agency’s responsibility to educate the younger masses on the benefits and importance of having an insurance policy.

2. Stay Relevant and Be Accessible

Accessibility is the best weapon with insurance companies. While most insurance agencies seem to be hesitant on tapping the online market, 1st Insure finds this online opportunity as a way to reach out to more clients.

Marketing insurance services not only promotes a company’s name and reputation to an audience, it also allows those who are not aware of insurance benefits to see what they may be missing out on.

3. Various Ways to Promote and Market Insurance services

Unlike traditional media, wherein there are set limitations on the means of promotion and creativity of capturing audience attention, the online and social media websites provide a platform that widens the capabilities of insurance agencies.

Find 1st Insure Connects on Many Different Marketing Websites

1st Insure is now on Facebook, http://www/facebook.com/pages/1st-Insure/184457974963247, which provides clients with relevant information from the insurance policies, offerings, and carriers that one can avail of. Interested clients can easily get the latest updates and promos without having to go out of their habitual routine.

Twitter users can also gain access to 1st Insure with their Twitter page @1stinsure. For more details about the offerings and services that 1st Insure offers, log on to their official website www.1stinsure.co.

1st Insure

1st Insure is an independent Houston-based insurance agency that deals with personal and commercial insurances. In 1st Insure, they make sure that the clients get the coverage that is tailor-fitted to their needs and provides maximum protects for the whole family. Their knowledgeable agents and insurance professionals provide maximum service in aiding the search for the right policy for home, auto, life, and business insurance. 1st Insure works with more than one carrier, allowing customers the satisfaction of choosing their options and having flexibility in costs. Log in to the official website www.1stinsure.co for more details.

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