Industry Leader Among UK Removal Companies Bournes Offers New Office and Commercial Moving Services

Rye, East Sussex, United Kingdom, January 29, 2012 --( UK based relocation experts Bournes have recently announced that they’ve added several new services to their outstanding line of business relocation solutions. The company’s new services have been designed to ensure minimal disruption and downtime for UK companies as they begin the removal process and make the transition to new premises, whether those premises are located locally or internationally.

In business, speed and efficiency are the two leading factors for success. As a recognised leading light of UK removals companies, Bournes ensures that their commercial moving services are completed with complete efficiency through the use of specialist office-products-handling equipment which allows the moving teams to relocate large and fragile items with the utmost care and attention with each and every move. And upon delivering the company’s products safely to their new business location, the company’s installation staff can handle the job of integrating equipment precisely within the environment for a streamlined solution that helps to support business continuity for their clients.

Included within the company’s new suite of commercial moving services are their new solutions for companies within the retail and hospitality industries. These services are ideal for example for companies that are attending a trade show across the country and require an organisation to safely handle the transportation and storage of their display equipment in order to ensure a professional appearance at the event.

To find out more about Bournes’ new office and commercial moving services, please contact their in-house team today.

Kirsty Parsons
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