Tim White-Sobieski in Ernst Hilger Gallery

Tim White-Sobieski Video – “Deconstructed Cities”, Part 1, London, 7 min Photographs - "Deconstructed Reality" series of 30+ (6 on exhibit) May 15 – June 14 2007 Opening – May 15, 2007, 19:30 hr

Vienna, Austria, May 13, 2007 --(PR.com)-- In development of the cityscape theme, Tim White-Sobieski presents his new video project Deconstructed Cities. In 2004-2005, first city-related photo-video project of the artist was shown in European galleries and museums – New York City Suite. In New York City Suite, the artist not only explored the structures of New York's landscape, the face of the city, in concrete, steel and glass, he also offered a psychological portrait of New York City people. Based on images of many metropolitan cities of the world, project Deconstructed Cities/Reality followed.

The project as video serial will consist of 12 parts; the first part titled London premieres in May 2007 in Galerie Ernst Hilger (Vienna, Austria). Photographs closely related to the video, are united by the name Deconstructed Reality. Six large-scale photographs (120 x 180 cm) accompany the four-channel video projected onto four semi-translucent acrylic screens.

Almost existential, the photographs transmit feeling of being lost in the chaos of reality, a world of logical contradictions, when life gets deconstructed and shuffled. This project is ongoing and ultimately planned to include images of Paris, London, Madrid, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and other renowned places. Fragments of reality, flashbacks, thoughts, hopes, dreams, and nostalgia subject materialization in Deconstructed Reality.

Observing city through a deconstructive lens, White-Sobieski depicts an imaginative space in virtual environments. It is a powerful image of being and becoming at the same time. White-Sobieski superimposes and transforms the relationship of a human being with postmodern city’s metamorphosis.

Photograph retains the moment of disappearance – wrote Jean Baudrillard in The Art of Disappearance; this slight displacement gives an object the magic, the discrete charm of the previous existence. White-Sobieski takes the urban structure apart seeking its identity behind appearances. The cityscapes of his photographic series Deconstructed Reality (and video Deconstructed Cities) appear as images of transitions and temporary states. They embody the vision of our world today; when the reckless pursuit of economic power becomes the final target of development, in resistance to this new totalitarian force, society reconsiders its own freedoms, structures, especially in urban areas. The city has become a place of conflict creation and conflict resolution. Tim White-Sobieski depicts the process.

Previously, the artist's work was included in such museum exhibitions as Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (Madrid, Spain), Centro Parraga (Murcia, Spain), Domus-Atrium 2002 (DA2), (Salamanca, Spain), El Museo del Bario (New York, NY), Konceptkonstmuseum (Rydboholm, Sweden). His photographic works are in collections of the Center of Photography in Salamanca (Spain), Centro Galego de Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Collezione Foundation LA GAIA, Busca (Italy), Domus Artium 2002, Salamanca (Spain), Gallery (Museum) of Modern Art (GAM), Torino (Italy), Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (MNCARS) (Spain), among others.

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