Long Past Due "Texarkana Hotel Motel Association" is Finally Formed

Hotels of Texarkana announce official formation of Texarkana Hotel Motel Association on December 26, 2011 as a nonprofit organization to promote the interest of the member hotels in Texarkana.

Texarkana, TX, January 31, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The founders of the Association believe the growth of the city and building new lodging facilities requires a more coherent cooperation between the hotels. Currently, most of the hotels use their own internal marketing to promote their own hotels, but working together will result in more productive marketing and increased revenue.

The Texarkana Hotel Motel Association is founded by Mr. William Davis, Ms Charlotte Cox, Ms Lynn Cutsinger and Ms Stephanie Moore. The THMA and founding members encompass both sides of the town.

Ms Charlotte Cox the Vice President of the THMA stated; “This is a long past due step for tourism industry in Texarkana."

The towns much smaller towns than Texarkana, all across the country, has formed and are operating active tourism entities.

Numerous marketing steps are already taken by private groups who actively promote tourism for Texarkana. THMA will support all and each such initiatives.

Five to seven new hotels are already under construction or renovation while few others will be starting the construction soon. This adds over 25% more rooms to the city inventory. Hotel operators believe this could be a recipe for economical disaster for hospitality sector without involvement of experienced and knowledgeable tourism professionals.

For further information visit www.TexarkanaAssociation.com and or contact Ms Charlotte Cox, The Vice President of TCVB at 903-407-4197 Extension 502 or email VP@TexarkanaAssociation.com

Texarkana Hotel Motel Association
Charlotte Cox
Extention 502