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San Diego Pawn Shop Owner Reports Increased Business at Pawn Shops

Luxury San Diego pawn shop owner Car Blackburn is reporting that San Diego pawn shops are seeing a surge in business as they shed their old image.

San Diego, CA, January 31, 2012 --( Carl Blackburn, owner of San Diego Jewelry Buyers, is reporting that San Diego pawn shops are seeing a surge in business, as customers come to realize that most pawn shops are not the seedy establishments that are often depicted in Hollywood films but businesses that often more closely resemble a fine jewelry store or upscale consignment boutique.

"Reality television shows like 'Pawn Stars' have certainly done a lot to improve the image of pawn shops in the public's mind," says Blackburn. "With the economy continuing to struggle, many people also want to sell gold, sell jewelry, and sell diamonds for extra cash. Thanks to investigative news reports, sellers now know that their local pawn shops usually pay more than big, nationally advertised, gold buyers and jewelry buyers."

Blackburn states that a common transaction at pawn shops during the past holiday season was a customer temporarily pawning fine jewelry for extra cash to purchase presents. The customer then will retrieve their jewelry and pay off the collateral loan a few months later when their tax refund arrives.

"Our customers understand that a pawn shop loan can often be less than what they would pay for a cash advance on their credit card," says Blackburn. "In addition, they can take out a pawn shop loan without having to worry about a credit check or putting their credit rating at risk. San Diego pawn shops don't report transactions to any credit agency."

Blackburn also adds that more people are visiting pawn shops today because the price of gold, silver, and diamonds is still high. Therefore, customers can sell jewelry, sell coins, and sell bullion for more than they could have in previous years. In addition, he says that more and more luxury shoppers are purchasing pre-owned luxury items like Rolex watches, instead of buying them brand new.

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