Sex, Larceny, and Wrong Motives Steam the Pages of Mardi Gras Ice

It is Mardi Gras time, and the city of New Orleans is shimmering with the colors of Carnival and pulsating with the sounds of zydeco and jazz. Against such a backdrop comes Mardi Gras Ice—a tale of deceit, deadly encounters, and a jewel heist gone terribly wrong.

Biloxi, MS, November 02, 2005 --( From storm-ravaged Biloxi, Mississippi, Author Kate Worrell’s book Mardi Gras Ice could not have been more strangely timed. Exposing both the sordid and glittery side of life in the Big Easy, the story revolves around seven friends, enemies, and sometime lovers, whose passions rule their lives and whose paths are destined to encounter a devastating hurricane.

“He raced ahead, the tires spitting gravel as they made a sharp turn onto the levee road. The ferry at West Pointe a la Hache was not far. If the boats were still running, he could drop the guns over the side as they crossed. If they weren’t, he’d think of something. It was over! The worst was over! There was no way to tell where the body might end up after the storm. It could be weeks, even months before it was found, if ever. It was over! A blowing mist was obstructing his vision, and he switched on the windshield wipers. Rivulets of sweat ran down his chest and back even though the air-conditioning was on full-blast. He turned all the vents toward him, the cold air blowing his hair wildly. It was four o’clock. The latest National Weather Service advisory would be on any minute. He turned the radio volume up loud, listening closely for the report to begin while he sped on.” 

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