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New Website Launched to Gauge Consumers Perception of Timeshare – TimeshareSurveys.com

From the publishers of the Timeshare Perspective Magazine and creators of the Timeshare Staff Network comes another one-of-a-kind website aimed at providing constantly updating information about timeshare owners and non-owners opinions of the industry.

Orlando, FL, May 13, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The website, http://www.timesharesurveys.com which launched this week currently offers 20 surveys to take part in with questions for both timeshare owners and non owners, such as;

"When I attended a timeshare presentation I...?"
"When I bought my timeshare I paid...?"
"What do you think developers should concentrate on to improve the timeshare product further?"
and "My opinion of the timeshare industry is...?"

Votes cast are anonymous, but IP Address security restricts each visitor to just one vote per survey, enabling for a very accurate and proven statistical approach which will prove very useful for developers and marketers looking for the areas in which they need to concentrate efforts the most.

Regular comparisons will be made between the perceptions of the timeshare owners and the perceptions of the non owners in the Timeshare Perspective Magazine and surveys will be regularly added to and changed.

Visitors can suggest both new surveys and additional answers to existing surveys enabling the site to grow and tackle the most prominent of subjects.

Additionally developers and marketers will have the chance to post branded and more in-depth surveys to specifically research an area relevant to them. With these surveys they will be able to request the contact details of the voters in return for discounted accommodation or similar incentive, allowing them to collect more demographically accurate answers to their questions as well as take advantage of a lead generation opportunity.

Timeshare Staff Ltd, who already operate just short of 200 websites, covering industry recruitment, brand awareness, an online products and services directory, lead generation and more, are estimating that they can generate an average of 50,000 votes per month after a short run in period. If these figures are reached then the sites data will certainly be a unique and powerful guide to consumer opinions with respect to the timeshare industry.

For more information visit http://www.timesharesurveys.com or email Sharon Mattimoe at the Timeshare Perspective Magazine – sharon@timeshareperspective.com

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