Author Publishes Two New Children's Adventures

Max Elliot Anderson's two new books, for readers 8 - 12, join six previous action-adventure & mystery titles.

Rockford, IL, February 01, 2012 --( Max Elliot Anderson has published his seventh and eighth adventure / mysteries for kids. “Legend of the White Wolf” and “Terror at Wolf Lake” from Comfort Publishing, are written especially for readers 8 – 13. Mr. Anderson’s professional background is in the production of films, video programs, and television commercials.

“The excitement and heart-pounding action and adventure from those productions find their way into the stories I’m writing today,” Anderson said. “Kids tell me that reading one is like actually being in an exciting movie.”

These two new titles join his previous books, “Lost Island Smugglers,” “Captain Jack’s Treasure,” “When the Lights go Out,” “North Woods Poachers,” “Barney and the Runaway,” and “Newspaper Caper.”

Best-selling author Jerry B. Jenkins has said, "Max Elliot Anderson brings a lifetime of dramatic film and video production to the pages of his action adventures and mysteries." And author Bill Myers adds, "Max's Adventures are like good, family movies . . . "

The story of “Legend of the White Wolf” ISBN: 9781936695690 - One day, Brian Fisher discovered a white wolf pup caught in a trap and set it free. Since then, Brian was convinced that he and the wolf shared a special bond. Stung by the disbelief of his family and friends, Brian sets out to prove that his fantastic story is true and ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for. He soon finds himself stranded in a snowstorm and attacked by a mountain lion, but he’s not alone. When a group of lawless hunters begins killing off the wolf population, Brian is caught right in the middle!

Take an eleven-year-old boy, a mysterious white wolf, a dangerous band of illegal hunters, and you have all the excitement of the rugged outdoors near Yellowstone National Park.

The story of “Terror at Wolf Lake” ISBN: 9781936695966 - Eddy Thompson's hero is John Dillinger, one of the most dangerous bank robbers in American history. So it's no surprise that Eddy cheats on anything, anytime, anywhere. With school out between Christmas and the new year, Eddy's father invites Chet, Rusty, and their fathers to drive up to a cabin he owns on Wolf Lake, Michigan, for ice fishing, tobogganing, and winter fun. But something happens there that will change Eddy's life. One day, as police sirens race toward them, two real bank robbers toss their stolen cash over Eddy's fence in hopes of coming back for it later. Of course, Eddy wants to keep it, and that's when their troubles really begin. With so much danger closing in and with the help of his friends, Eddy realizes how wrong it is to cheat. But the terror doesn't end there and follows them all the way back home.

“When you think about ‘Terror at Wolf Lake,’” Anderson said, “think of a movie like ‘Home Alone.’”

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