Brandchise Media, LLC Announces the Launch of 2.0

Sarasota, FL, May 13, 2007 --( Brandchise Media, LLC undergoes an extreme website makeover:

“We must lead by example”, boasts Keith Lynch, a managing partner of Brandchise Media, LLC. Referred to as industry ‘trendsetters’ or ‘fire starters’, Brandchise Media strives to redefine industry standards by thinking outside of the bubble.

Months in the making, the 2.0 version of Brandchise Media’s online presence is promised to change the landscape of online marketing and media forever.
“We like to refer to ourselves as problem solvers”, claims Beth Singh, a managing partner of Brandchise Media, LLC. “As self-proclaimed innovators, we take on each project with simply a clean wipe board and a room full of geeks”, says Singh.

With coin phrases like ‘brandstorming’ and ‘brand-aid’ echoing in the halls of the laid-back office space that Brandchise Media calls home, it’s evident that the web development industry is changing.

According to Brandchise Media executives, the purpose of the new website is to accommodate their expanding portfolio of services offered. “Our competition doesn’t cater to the businesses that need their services the most. Small companies establishing or increasing their online presence have nowhere to go – that’s where we come in. The little guys have no brand or identity and the established dot comers have an identity crisis.”, says Lynch.

Brandchise Media’s new lineup of services include:

· Website design and development
· Conceptual development and consultation
· Product research and development
· Full service advertising and marketing
· Direct response media campaigns
· Search engine optimization
· PPC consultation and management
· Custom printing
· Development of online/offline collateral
· Programming, database design and data management
· Press releases and PR services

With an anticipated launch date of June 1 2007, Brandchise promises no flash, no useless graphics or imagery and no hype. An innovative website with an innovate team is what Brandchise Media claims will attribute to the success of their business and, most importantly, the success of their clients.

Brandchise Media, LLC has committed itself to forever change the web dev community and industry, as a whole. “We’re just problem solvers. Nothing more, nothing less”, states Keith Lynch.

For more information about Brandchise Media, LLC visit their website or contact directly at:

Keith Lynch
Brandchise Media, LLC
(888) 992-8880
(801) 894-4027

Brandchise Media, LLC has been offering valuable, yet affordable services to the internet community and webmasters since 2001. In their relentless pursuit of innovation, Brandchise Media is committed to change the industry, internet (and world) – one website at a time.

Brandchise Media, LLC
Keith Lynch