Threads and Paint Shape Raul De La Torre’s Art Universe at Artspace Warehouse Los Angeles

A Barcelona-born artist, Raul de la Torre, organically embroiders his way on the Los Angeles art scene with a sweeping artwork installation at Artspace Warehouse.

Los Angeles, CA, February 04, 2012 --( Raul de la Torre’s path to art came to fruition in Los Angeles, his adopted city. Born and raised in Barcelona, Raul's artworks have been exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where he is a member of the museum’s Art Council. On an expanding exhibition schedule, Raul de la Torre’s artworks are now shown at Artspace Warehouse gallery on Beverly Boulevard, in Los Angeles. Artspace Warehouse curates group shows comprising reputable artists from Los Angeles and Europe. The gallery grabs the attention of art collectors looking for museum quality art on an entry level budget. Raul’s artworks, incorporating color matching thread into his colorful abstracts, are an eye-catching component of the current show Visions And Horizons at Artspace Warehouse.

Raul de la Torre describes his new series FILS I COLORS "an attempt to find life, movement and parts that are not static, that change in their interaction with the observer. It is also essential that the different combinations of colors represent different emotions and interpretations for each individual interacting with the works."

Raul mentions that in this series of works, "I attempt to find the third dimension through the use of different materials. Initially, I removed paint from the artistic equation by slicing the works, combining canvas and paper with selected materials."

Gradually, the slicing gained more importance to Raul, a reflection, of his increased desire to be more aggressive. The result, however, although possessing more physical dimension, remained static and he realized paint was needed to provide freshness and movement.

Embroidery provides another element as it created thick shadows with organic shapes. When combined with light, these shapes offer different views of the work to various observers.

The interaction between the artist, gravity, and the paint is important for the final result.

Raul discloses that "the technique I’ve employed attempts to eliminate the absolute imprint of the artist’s hand. This permits the paint to be a major architect of the final result, giving it a life of its own.

"It should be noted this results in infinite and timeless color combinations. In many cases, the different layers of color each represent a temporary state of mind, time, and even places and people."

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