Just Released by Power Publishers - YOUTHOLOGY: How to Harness Youth and Remain Forever Young by Dr. Mukhtar Alam

Dr. [Brig] Mukhtar Alam, MBBS and MD, has been awarded several medals for professional expertise. He has been acknowledged as one of the best doctors in the Indian army. He has also developed a keen interest in nutritional sciences and has achieved great success in treating degenerative disease.

Kolkata, India, February 06, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Man has always been afraid of his mortality. Old age, weakness and death have been a constant menace. His eternal quest has been for everlasting youth. However, the perfect elixir has always eluded him. Man’s attempt to attain eternal youth has led to amazing discoveries in the various fields of medicine, nutritional science, psychology, physiology and faith. The book provides a guideline towards achieving good health and eternal youth.

Anamika Saha and Sruti Desai, college students, have found the book to be an answer to their deepest desire- to remain ever young. They plan to follow the author’s advice and see the results.

From time immemorial, man has craved for eternal youth. The beauty, strength and passion of youth have been worshipped by all. Cleopatra, in order to maintain her youthful charm, used to bathe in milk. People still follow some of her beauty regime to be as glamorous as her. Nowadays the mushrooming of beauty salons, gyms, spas, sauna etc highlights man’s desire to remain young and healthy.

Doctor’s have specialized in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, dental surgery etc to help people harness age. People are ready to go to any lengths to remain beautiful. Some believe that a sip from the Holy Grail will capture youth forever and therefore make them immortal. Such beliefs have led to various expeditions in search of the Holy Grail.

The author, Dr. Alam, attempts to connect the various discoveries made in quest of the Holy Grail to the latest multidimensional explorations in the fields of psychology, physiology, medicine, nutritional science and faith. His aim is to provide “a practical approach towards achieving the Holy Grail- eternal youth and good health.”

The book assures the readers that they can delay the process of decay and death for a long time if not forever. Death is a reality which one cannot stall. However, one can remain youthful and vigorous for as long as he lives. This is also the secret of a happy and fruitful life. The author has discussed various methods to be in the pink of health. Prevention is always better than cure.
Thus, if we can be healthy and eat healthy, we can remain young and energetic for long.

YOUTHOLOGY: How to Harness Age and Remain Young Forever
Author: Dr. Mukhtar Alam
Price: Rs. 185
Pages: 124
ISBN: 978-93-81205-71-6
Publishing Date: 2011
Publisher: Power Publishers
Language: English

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