Just Released by Power Publishers-4 P’s and Pyaarrr by Mitesh M Jain: a Novel About the Adventurous and Fun-Filled College Days

Mitesh M Jain is an MBA from TIMSR, Kandivali. At present he is working at Kamala Landmarc as Sales executive.

Kolkata, India, February 06, 2012 --(PR.com)-- It is a novel that reminds us of the carefree college days. It revolves around the character Mitya, a college student. The dramatic incidents in Mitya’s life right from the first day of college till the completion of his post graduation course is the content of the novel. His love life is also a dramatic affair. The book is for all those people who have spent their college days in their own terms and conditions.

Sumit Agarwal [businessman] says, the book makes him nostalgic. He is reminded of his college days. He had fallen in love with his classmate Simi, who is presently his wife. He had also found his business partner in college.

Mitesh M Jain has woven the 4P’s of marketing with various other marketing theories into the dramatic love story of Mitya. The story is about the glorious college days when one enjoys life as well as prepares for a career. At this stage of life, we are grown up enough to live our lives as we wish. There are no burdens of a family life. We choose our own field of study. Gone are the school days where one has to slog over all subjects alike. In college one prepares for the vocation of one’s choice. The author, himself being a management student, deals with the 4P’s of marketing and other marketing theories quite well. The drama and magic of the fun-filled college days are felt by the readers while reading the novel. Life at this juncture is full of excitement and anticipation. Love too becomes an inevitable part of life. The enthusiasm with which one faces life, often leads to mistakes. However, the zeal and vigor of youth gives one the tenacity to get over them.

In the novel, “4 P's And Pyaarrr”, Mitya’s life is a roller coaster journey. The fast paced life of a college student is filled with ups and downs. It makes life more exciting and interesting. "Pyaar" makes life more beautiful and complicated as well. The readers are taken through the interesting incidents of his life. One is reminded of the golden college days when life had so much in store.

Readers are able to identify with the novel.

Book: 4 P's And Pyaarrr
Author: Mitesh M Jain
Price: Rs. 250
Pages: 152
ISBN: 978-93-81205-69-3
Publishing Date: 2011
Publisher: Power Publishers
Language: English

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