Olympic Lawn & Landscaping Says Wintertime Gardening Can be Fun

Indoor gardening ideas on how to make use of a green thumb until spring hits.

Lone Jack, MO, February 08, 2012 --(PR.com)-- For those who long for sunshine, dirt under the fingernails and the sensation of seeing a freshly weeded garden bed – the “wintertime blues” can hit hard. But even if cooler temperatures aren’t ideal for working in the garden, it doesn’t mean gardening has to stop. Tim Brown from Olympic Lawn & Landscape offers encouragement to gardeners who can’t wait for springtime to hit.

“I completely understand going "stir crazy" when the weather is cold and struggling to find the patience to hold off working outside. But, I’ve found some great ways to fulfill my 'outdoor itch' while staying indoors until the warmer temperatures arrive,” said Tim Brown, owner of Olympic Lawn & Landscape.

Make Use of the Winter Effects

In areas that have snowfall, the snow can actually be used to help landscaping. Shovel a pile of fresh snow onto perennials to give a natural insulation blanket. This will keep the plants protected from any ice that may form. Also, take any fallen limbs and chop them to use as mulch in springtime.

Indoor Gardening Ideas

There are several indoor ways to continue a gardening hobby throughout the winter months. Some include:
1. Decorate with several new indoor plants. Browse a nursery for new varieties.
2. Begin a garden journal. Keep track of ideas for the springtime garden. Go online and to the library to browse books and websites with new ideas.
3. Research the top 2012 gardening trends, and make a game plan for how to implement.
4. Plant an indoor seed garden. Start by checking the frost dates to know the ideal time to start the seedling process. Vegetable seeds are the most hearty and likely to survive.

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Tim Brown