Power Publishers’ Fresh Release: The Peak of All Thoughts by Vijay Raghav – a Bouquet of Poetic Essays

Otherwise a professional at the technology department of SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd., Vijay Raghav is now about to unveil his poetic potentials through his latest book, The Peak of all Thoughts.

Kolkata, India, February 13, 2012 --(PR.com)-- "Poetry is the most highly organized form of intellectual activity." - T. S. Eliot, thus Eliot described poetry of the modern age. Modernist poems mark distinction from their ancestors in utmost precision of emotion. Modern verse is hardly the mere loosening of emotion, but the adept control of it.

"You say, my words for now have dressed themselves as pixels and print-inks and can warm a heart," says Vijay Raghav.

"I have written them with my own blood with a glowing fire in my heart!" says Vijay Raghav.

His venture is to make a poetic discourse in the form of essay. The Peak of All Thoughts is a book of 32 poetic essays which captures the exchange of words, ideas and philosophy between the poetic persona and men of doubts, confusions of the muddy mundane world. The man behind the peak unveils the queries thrown at him. The poetic conversation covers various aspects of life written in parable style.

Much like The Prophet of Khalil Gibran, the short and pithy tales unfolds the root cause of human pathos, solves the mystery with artistic mastery and finally reaches a universal solution, which is certainly sublime to attain. Raghav’s prophetic take over the topics he deals with, often reminds the readers of the Biblical parables, not in the pious moralistic tone, but in the simplicity of language, ease of communication and lucidity expression. Poetry is the medium of language, which simply communicates the most profound truth in the core of human heart. The parables, also are so poetic in their theme, tone and texture, that they convey their essence as clear as water, and as deep as the same.

Vijay Raghav represents that rare class of writers, who are never confined in the theoretical labyrinths, just because they know how to make their own wings of poesy, quite like the mythical Dedalus.

About the book:
Book: The Peak of all Thoughts
Author: Vijay Raghav
Price: Rs. 175
Pages: 96
ISBN: 978-93-81205-79-2
Publishing Date: 2012
Publisher: Power Publishers

Language: English
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