Power Publisher’s New Release: The Silent Gate by Dr. John Meenkulath – A Tale of a Typical Teen

A man of medicine, Dr. John Meenkulath, is telling a tale of a teenager from a Syrian Christian community, the one the author himself belongs to. The typical lifestyle of the particular sect has been dealt with masterfully to make it a story of a universal youth.

Kolkata, India, February 10, 2012 --(PR.com)-- John’s story is about the bringing up of a Syrian Christian teen, and his family and surroundings. His family belongs to a separate clan of landed gentry, the Muthalalys.

The typical textures and multi-layered lifestyle, often paradoxical, is portrayed through John’s vibrant pen. The author does possess an authentic voice to tell the tale of his own sect. But the unmistakable air of authenticity never confines his protagonist as a shadow identity of himself. It is John’s artistic persona, that prevails throughout the novel.

The protagonist is of a unique and peculiar character orientation, though he is a simple youth of any locale of this country, who is a victim of circumstances and situations. He hardly finds any solutions to them, and gradually feels that, he is incapable of reacting to the moments in the right way. These psychological disturbances push him to the verge of existential crisis, quite like the protagonist of camus’s The Outsider.

Dr. Meenkulath, a well-renowned one in his profession takes up pen for the third time for a novel, the first being as far back as August 1965, when he penned Gresamma Teacher in Malayalam, his mother tongue. This time he shifts into English, to lend a universal feel to his fresh novel The Silent Gate. John instills his first-hand feelings and experiences in his protagonist in such a way, it becomes a true Bildungsroman character. His struggles, both socio-political and economic ones, reads an authentic narrative, a universal portrait of a young man by an artist. The readers feel neither alienated, nor embarrassingly familiar to the stream of the story. John has mastered in defamiliarizing and succeeded in using the technique as a professional artist. Hence goes his credit.

About the book :
Book : The Silent Gate
Author: Dr. John Meenkulath
Price: Rs. 375
Pages: 296
ISBN: 978-93-81205-73-0
Publishing Date: 2012
Publisher: Power Publishers
Language: English

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