Sustainable Demonstration Project at Scotland Yards Golf Club Taking Shape

Audubon Lifestyles is coordinating the project at the Scotland Yards Golf Club which is aimed at implementing sustainable management practices on a golf facility.

Palm Harbor, FL, February 08, 2012 --( With the economy still in the doldrums, a group of business and non-profit organizations has come together with an 18 hole golf course in Florida to demonstrate that embedding and embracing the tenets of sustainability regardless of the size and budget of the golf course will provide economic viability and provide a foundation upon which to deliver environmental and social benefits.

Audubon Lifestyles is coordinating the project at the Scotland Yards Golf Club, located between the small citrus towns of Zephyrhills and Dade City, and within easy driving distance of both Orlando and Tampa, Florida. Florida has been one of the states most impacted by the downturned economy, and so it made perfect sense to their team to prove the potential to doubters of sustainability by implementing sustainable management practices on a golf facility in a location that has been hardest hit with tough times.

David Rinaldo, General Manager of Scotland Yards said, “The past several years has been a real challenge to the entire golf industry, and our course certainly hasn’t been any exception."

The Rinaldo family built and opened the course in the 1970’s and sold the course several years ago. But, as is often the case, that business transaction didn’t work out, and the Rinaldo's now find themselves reacquiring their old family course again.

“While we certainly care about the environment, if we can’t maintain a financially viable business, we simply would not be able to continue to function. We were very exited to learn about the benefits of operating more sustainably, and couldn’t be happier to become involved as a demonstration project that showcases sustainability on golf courses,” Rinaldo continued.

Eric Dodson, CEO of Audubon Lifestyles has pulled together a small, but growing group of businesses that have agreed to contribute their time, expertise, products and services to the project.

“We hope that we can prove to other golf facility owners who may be struggling in this economy that it doesn’t matter what how big or small your golf facility’s operating budget is— that it just makes financial sense to embrace the sustainability opportunities that are available in the market right now,” Dodson says.

David Rinaldo has agreed to implement the recommended actions developed through the project, and to document the results over time.

Ron Dodson of the Dodson Group LLC, a consulting firm who has agreed to participate in this project said, “The main focus of the Sustainable Demonstration Project at Scotland Yards Golf Club is on economic viability. Simply stated that means ‘make more, spend less.’ We believe that there are some adjustments that can be made regarding the overall management of the golf course, which will not only reduce expenditures, but improve the overall quality of the golf course. With reduced expenditures, coupled with improved quality, it is our belief that the course will see increased play. Increased play means more income.”

At present the groups who have agreed to participate in the Sustainable Demonstration Project at Scotland Yards Golf Club are: Audubon Lifestyles, who will serve as lead project coordinator; True North Outdoors from Kansas City, Kansas who will provide sustainable landscape management advice and services; Love & Dodson, based in College Park, Maryland who will take the lead in the sustainable planning, design and development for the project; Turf Feeding Systems as a producer of fertigation systems based in Houston, Texas has agreed to donate a fertigation system; The Dodson Group llc who will offer sustainability and environmental consulting including mapping the entire course, and; Trusty & Associates based in Council Bluffs, Iowa who will provide Public Relations and Marketing Firm.

If your business or organization is interested in joining their growing team, and is interested in becoming an active participant in their efforts at Scotland Yards please contact: Eric Dodson at: or 727-733-0762

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