Rake Mark Encourages Small Businesses to Rebrand

Stafford, United Kingdom, February 10, 2012 --(PR.com)-- With the news that Britain is stuttering towards another recession, UK businesses are bracing themselves for a tough year. Having contracted at the tail-end of last year, the economy is showing no signs of recovering, much to the concern of small businesses.

One company who are determined not to let the economic forecast get them down is Rake Mark Solutions. The web design firm, run by Sarah and Phil Brassington, believe that businesses should proactively seek out new ways to market their services, even during times of economic stagnation.

"A lot of people don't appreciate the importance of branding to their business," says Phil, whose firm creates websites for a wide range of SMEs. "Many of them could benefit from rebranding their website, stationery and marketing materials."

"Some companies don't necessarily see much point in, say, updating their website or creating a new logo. They view it as a nice touch, but not necessarily something that can impact upon their bottom line."

"But the way we see it, standing out from the competition in the current market is essential. Companies who don't possess a dynamic web presence are in danger of being left behind."

"The goal for any organisation should be to showcase exactly what they offer to the public - not a version of it, but the best version of it."

Rake Mark Solutions currently offers a number of affordable web design packages, including bespoke e-commerce sites for budding entrepreneurs. They also specialise in streamlining business marketing, social media engagement and domain registration.

Sarah Brassington adds: "We deal with so many businesses on a day-to-day basis, and they all approach us with broadly the same goal; they want to stay ahead of the field. Our aim is to get to the heart of what they do - whether it's a plumbing business, a catering franchise or a charity - and distill their ethos into a clean, professional-looking website.

"That's why we offer clients deals and packages that put them in the driving seat and set them apart from their competitors. A huge part of business is visual - that's where we come in. It's like looking at a menu slid under your door by a local takeaway - sometimes you'll try it out - you might even become a regular customer, and other times you'll stuff it straight in the bin. Why? It's all in the design."

Businesses looking to benefit from Rake Mark's innovative design solutions can contact Sarah directly (01785 256222) for more information. Further details are available by visiting http://www.rakemark.com/

Sarah Brassington
Sarah Brassington
St Alban's House, St Alban's Road