Self Defense Tutorials - Application That Teaches Self Defense Techniques Created by Webelinx

New Application for Android-Based Smart Phones that Teaches Users to Defend Themselves from Attackers.

Nis, Serbia and Montenegro, February 10, 2012 --( Users of Android mobile phones now have the chance to learn martial arts and self defense techniques by watching videos. “Self Defense Tutorials” is an application launched by Webelinx and contains more than 900 video clips demonstrating the most effective self defense techniques and training methods.

This application teaches users, both male and female, how to defend themselves by using the most effective self defense techniques and strategies. Users will learn how to defend themselves from bullies and attackers of all kinds by applying self defense moves demonstrated in videos. Video database includes more than 900 videos demonstrating martial art self defense techniques, and new videos are added every day. Professionals reveal the tactics that make it possible to defeat larger and stronger attackers, and teach the deadliest self defense system.

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