Highlights How Gender Can Effect Car Insurance Rates

Columbus, OH, February 10, 2012 --( It is no secret that auto insurance companies have considered gender as an important criterion in the determination of car insurance rates., one of USA's leading independent online insurance service recently published an article on how gender plays a major role in determining a driver's insurance bill. While the European Union (EU) may have passed a resolution that prohibits insurance companies from taking gender into consideration, the rule still prevails across the US. In addition to gender, the age group is also one of the important factors.

Alex, CEO of says, "In Europe, we see higher car insurance costs for young female drivers who usually enjoyed a ten percent or so reduction in their insurance premiums. However, back here in the US the gender issue continues. Males in the age group of 20-30 are likely to pay more than their female counterparts. Insurance companies base their rates on statistical data which indicates a higher percentage of men in this age group being involved in accidents. Moreover, they are the ones more likely to file claims than women in the same age group." The article also explains the implications any ruling could have on men and women in the 20 to 30 age group. While men may enjoy a reduction of around 6 percent in their premiums women would likely end up paying as much as 15 to 25 percent more, depending on their age group.

Alex went on to explain why women drivers can end up paying much more. He said, "There number of male drivers exceeds female drivers, which is why you won't find any balance in the premiums. If the gender factor is removed from the equation it wouldn't make any business sense for car insurance companies to charge the same since there are more male drivers as compared to females. However, women ought not to be to disturbed about it since there are ways for them to lower insurance costs, which we have explained in the article."

The article offers a few tips and techniques on how drivers can make their insurance bill much more affordable. One of the biggest mistakes that drivers make is not ask for discounts. Drivers ought to be aware that insurance companies offer discounts for maintaining a good driving record, safety devices installed in a vehicle, no claims bonus, and much more. In addition, it is essential to retain receipts of regular servicing and replacement of parts from registered and certified garages.

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