New Connecticut Resource for Veterans and Their Families

Continue2March is a developing non-profit organization dedicated to connecting veterans and their families with much needed services. Visit the new home page.

Manchester, CT, February 13, 2012 --( Continue2March is a developing non-profit organization started by a group of military veterans from various services to facilitate access to government funded or government affiliated programs that can help veterans and their families with a variety of needs. The main purpose of the organization at this time is to raise the awareness of programs, and the large number of vets who are still not connected. The organization has a blog site, where they are sharing their experiences as veterans helping other veterans, and recently opened a store at to sell merchandise with the organization logo and other relevant designs to raise money for the organization and programs that they plan to offer. One key focus of the store is a campaign to raise awareness of the help and support that families of veterans offer, and also to spread the word that these families need help with their own struggles. It brings a more human connection to the often bureaucratic world of veterans services. To see the main site, go to, and to browse the products that they are offering,

Timothy Ross