Everything Oil & Gas Petroleum Directory Surpasses 15,000 Companies Worldwide

Everything Oil & Gas announces that its free worldwide online petroleum directory has surpassed 15,000 oil and gas company listings.

Calgary, Canada, May 17, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Everything Oil & Gas is pleased to announce that its free worldwide online petroleum directory has now surpassed 15,000 oil and gas company listings. Everything Oil & Gas was launched in 2004 to provide the global petroleum industry with a focused and dedicated directory of products and services.

Since the launch of Everything Oil & Gas, it has added more services and features to it's website. Some of the exciting services now being offered are; Everything Oil & Gas TV and Radio, Energy Stocks to Watch, a Glossary of Petroleum Terms and Definitions, and a forum dedicated to topics relating to the oil and gas industry. All of the services offered can be accessed free of charge.

Everything Oil & Gas TV and Radio has a studio in Calgary, Alberta, with an additional 23 reporters worldwide. These reporters will interview companies with new technologies and discoveries related to the petroleum industry.

Overview of the Everything Oil & Gas Petroleum Directory:

- There are more than 5,700 categories for petroleum related products and services
- The oil and gas directory contains more than 15,000 companies involved in the upstream, mid stream, and down stream oil and gas sectors
- All categories are organized into geographical regions
- It is free to search or list a company in the directory

Everything Oil & Gas invites everyone to visit the petroleum directory at;


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Viviana Gonzalez