Vitarsoft Company Released PC Anti Theft Software, miTracker

Hong Kong, China, February 14, 2012 --( Vitarsoft Co., Ltd, a world-class software developer in PC security, today announced the availability of the full version of its PC Anti Theft Software, miTracker. The official website is

There is a data from the FBI, 1 in 10 laptops purchased today will be stolen within one year. Sadly, only 3% will be returned. The privacy and confidential data loss in the laptop may bring you more trouble than the laptop itself. miTracker is an ultimate solution in protecting your data and identity safe, its encryption function uses military AES algorithm and nobody can break it up, its remote lockdown function can lock the stolen laptop remotely to prevent unauthorized login, its remote deletion can delete any file you want from the stolen laptop.

Key Features for miTracker:

Remote Lockdown

- When you find your PC gets lost or stolen, it can block your computer remotely, preventing strangers' unauthorized log in and protecting your personal files.
- Display a customized message on the lockdown screen.

Remote Deletion

- When you find your PC gets lost or stolen, it can delete your sensitive data and files remotely, preventing strangers seeing your important information.
- Easy to use, several clicks and miTracker can do the rest of the work for you.

File Encryption

- Use military standard AES encryption algorithm, nobody in the world can break up the files which are encrypted by this tool.
- Any files formats can be encrypted, no matter if they are documents, pictures, videos, temporary files, programs or database.

File Shredder

- miTracker considers more than other PC tracking software, its file shredder function can shred files and folders permanently from hard drives, USB drives, etc.
- Use military-grade shredding algorithms. It completely wipes deleted data using various shredding patterns so there is no trace of critical data left.

miTracker is priced at $29.95 for 1 year and $59.95 for 3 years for a single-user personal license of the download version. For multiple-user license or volume license discount, please email For more information, please visit:

Vitarsoft Co., Ltd
John Qin
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