Techno-Thriller Author Uses Computer Phishing Scam in Plot of Latest Novel

Author, Denise Robbins takes readers on another page-turning tale of crime and intrigue in her latest romantic thriller, Phish NET Stalkings, which is set for release on February 14, 2012.

Salem, NH, February 14, 2012 --( Have you ever received an e-card or a link in your email from someone you don't know? What about those emails supposedly coming from your bank? Are they safe?

Denise Robbins—a software engineering manager and techno-thriller author—shows readers the realities of working on the Internet by creating a plot around commonly used computer scams. In addition to learning how these crimes are often carried out, readers will be taken on a page-turning tale of crime and intrigue in Robbins’ latest romantic thriller, called Phish NET Stalkings.

Called the “Queen of Techno-Thrillers” by one Amazon reviewer, Robbins uses her 20 years of technology experience to build riveting and reality-based plotlines. She is second to none in the niche market of romantic techno-thrillers.

In Phish NET Stalkings, Robbins uses her special writing gift to weave a tale of suspense and romantic intrigue around the CEO of an organic cosmetics company and a former FBI Cybercrime special agent turned small-town Chief of Police.

With her intricate knowledge of computers and online scams, Robbins uses an online dating service, a stalker, and a phishing scam artist to bring the hero and heroine together.

When Jane East is looking for Mr. Right through an online dating service, she receives an e-card and unknowingly installs phishing software onto her computer. Along comes Cooper Chance, who helps her track the cyber phishing scammer, while she helps in his investigation of a man who attacks women using the online dating service.

There are many twists and turns, including the fact that Cooper is seen wearing ladies’ pink underwear, and the small problem of Jane’s intense fear of cops—caused by seeing her mother and granny Pearl murdered by men with badges. Of course, those men are still on the loose and searching for her. Can Cooper get past her guard in order to save her life?

Robbins’ other published works include It Happens in Threes, Killer Bunny Hill, Connect the Dots, and Never Tempt Danger.

Denise Robbins