New Website and New Products for Prom 2012

Jessica's Fashion, a leading online retailer specializing in prom dresses, has unveiled a redesigned website that will serve the needs of its customers at an even higher level than before.

Los Angeles, CA, February 15, 2012 --( Jessica's Fashion, a leading online retailer specializing in prom dresses, has unveiled a redesigned website that will serve the needs of its customers at an even higher level than before. Customers who shop at, will find that it contains plenty of upgraded elements that will enhance each customer's shopping experience and help them choose the dress they want at the price they want.

Finding the right dress at Jessica's Fashion is made simpler with the site's new product filter. Customers can search for a prom dress using a variety of different criteria. Dresses are organized according to material, color or style. The filter brings up search results within seconds and gives customers an opportunity to choose from a full range of high-quality dresses designed to fit their taste.

Purchasing online prom dresses at the right price is also easy to do with new coupon codes and promotional discounts. All of the latest discounts can be accessed through a hyperlink at the top of the homepage for Jessica's Fashion. Customers who want to buy prom dresses online can take advantage of promotions such as the 10 percent off Valentine's Day sale. New offers, promotions and coupon discounts are regularly available at Jessica's Fashion through the company's website. These sales and discounts are an expansion of traditional discounts such as including no additional charge for plus size dresses.

Currently, Jessica's Fashion is featuring its line of 2012 prom dresses. Everything from strapless prom dresses to fashion USA prom dresses is included in this new product line. Exciting new features on the website offer additional aid to customers in helping them choose the prom dress they want. The features include everything from videos to written descriptions of the dress.

If a customer wants to search through all of the 2012 red prom dresses, for example, each dress page will contain a written descriptions and a photo of the model wearing the dress. Dress descriptions include basic information on size, dress type, material, embroidery, neckline and special features such as matching shawls or jackets. Customers can customize size and color for each dress and compare the price offered by Jessica's Fashion with the market price to see how much of a discount they will receive on the site.

Videos at the bottom of each page let customers see how their dress would look on a real-life person. Each short video features a model wearing the dress and moving around in it. The videos help the customer know if that cheap red prom dress they might be considering for that special night will be the right fit for their taste.

Jessica's Fashion is not just an excellent resource to buy prom dresses online. It is also the place to go for all other formal dress needs. Customers can find a wide selection of dresses for all occasions including bridesmaid dresses, party dresses and evening dresses. The same features that are available to aid in choosing prom dresses are also available for these types of dresses.

Finding matching accessories to go with a dress is also an easy thing to do at Jessica's Fashion. Customers can browse through merchandise ranging from handbags to jewelry and find the perfect item that will give their dress an extra special touch.

For more information on Jessica's Fashion, visit the redesigned website at

Jacob Ohabim