FBReader Free e-Reader App Provides Seamless Translation of Foreign Literature and Dictionary Lookup with Slovoed Bilingual Dictionaries by Paragon Software

With more than one million downloads according to the Android Market, popular FBReader offers a comfortable reading experience, easy personal e-book library organization on Android devices, and now supports in-app translations in 29 world languages with Slovoed dictionaries.

St. Petersburg, Russia, February 15, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Paragon Software Group, the leading developer of multi-platform software applications for mobiles and computers, and Geometer Plus LLC, a developer of free open-source e-book reader application FBReader, announce that FBReader now supports the latest series of Slovoed multilingual "talking" premium content dictionaries on Android devices to provide immediate translations and definitions of e-book text without the need to switch applications or access the Internet. By installing FBReader, users of Slovoed dictionaries, available in more than 29 world languages, can enjoy the most comfortable in-app translation from any book or document in EPUB, OEB, FB2 (.zip), mobipocket (mobi), RTF or plain-text format.

More than 100 Slovoed dictionaries offer original premium content directly from the world’s top publishers, such as Berlitz, Merriam-Webster, Duden, PONS, Langenscheidt, Le Robert, and many others, in combinations of 29 of the world’s most spoken languages. The newest version of Slovoed dictionaries integrates next-generation Google features, such as Google Goggles and Google Voice Search, as well as Paragon’s own PenReader handwriting recognition tool, which allows users to enter search text in their own handwriting. Highly complex search features replace tedious single-word searches to allow multi-word and full-sentence translation. Enhanced customization features – including three-color themes and scalable font size – ensure total visual comfort.

FBReader features:

* Instant access to the most popular Internet libraries and online bookshops directly from FBReader – review and download books without leaving the reader app.
* Built-in file manager allows you to organize your personal library on any Android mobile device (including, Honeycomb tablets) by title, author, genre or series, and store your entire library on one tiny SD card.
* Available in 20 languages with hyphenation patterns for 16 languages.
* Supports external TrueType/OpenType fonts.
* Open-source (GPL).
* Write your own FBReader app plug-ins with the API.
* Several popular English, French, Russian, Chinese and Polish libraries are included. Custom OPDS catalogs are also supported.
* MeeGo version available in OVI Store; Symbian version (beta) available at fbreader.org.

Slovoed 2.8 features:

* New: Search by voice. Speak your queries instead of typing in words using Google Voice recognition service. If Voice Search input is not available on the device, Slovoed will offer to install the application automatically by searching the Android Market (Search in Russian language is available for OS 2.2 and higher).
* New: Google Goggles integration. Take a picture of the text for translation, add it to the clipboard and translate it with Google Goggles.
* New: PenReader handwriting recognition integration as a system input method. Recognition accuracy increases through the use of Slovoed dictionaries.
* New: Multi-word translations. Translate all clipboard contents – whether one word or several words at a time.
* New: Easy copy-and-paste functions. Copy an unknown word or phrase from an active application (web browser, email) to the clipboard, then switch back to the dictionary for automatic translation.
* New: Enhanced customization options allow you to choose background color. Black, white and sepia themes are available.
* New: Enlarge or reduce font size for your comfort.
* New: Dictionary installation on SD card to save space on your device (Available for OS 2.2 and higher).
* New: Install a Word-of-the-Day widget on your Home Screen directly from the application.
* New: Manage Word-of-the-Day settings: select dictionary direction, font size and update period (manual or automatic).

Slovoed multilingual dictionaries for Android contain detailed word translations with usage and sound samples, transcription, grammatical information, and color markup to satisfy all learning needs. Slovoed Deluxe includes the fullest and most detailed translation articles with usage and sound samples, synonyms and antonyms, references and transcriptions, and other important information – an excellent solution for professional linguists, translators and advanced language learners. Slovoed Classic includes a considerable number of translations; extended dictionary articles with basic references, and is a comprehensive assistant for business, travel and study. Slovoed Compact includes the most common translations with clear, concise definitions, occupies minimal memory space on your device, and can be useful for introduction to a new foreign language.

Requirements: Android OS 1.5 and above; certain features require OS 2.2 and higher.

Availability: Slovoed Compact for Android is available for $11,99 USD or 7,82 GBP (9,99 EURO) by searching “slovoed” in the Android Market. Slovoed Classic for Android is available for $19.99 USD or 13,04 GBP (14,99 EURO) by searching “slovoed” in the Android Market. Slovoed Deluxe for Android is available for $24.99 or 19,54 GBP (19,99 EURO) by searching “slovoed” in the Android Market.

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