ACISCO Presents Its Modular Workstations Collection Designed for Startup Companies

The modular stations experts at ACISCO are presenting their expanded office furniture line, tailored to startups and other young, growing companies.

Jericho, NY, February 15, 2012 --( ACISCO, a specialist company that produces low-cost, high-style modular workstations and other office furniture options, announced its expanded line of furnishings designed with startups and other young, growing companies in mind. Flexible, budget-friendly, and space-saving, ACISCO’s modular workstations, which can be found at, are ideal for open offices whose plans need to be divided into different departments, or whose layouts evolve quickly as new employees are continually added.

“Startups now occupy a sizeable and continuously expanding segment of the economy and are seen as creative and appealing places to work. What’s interesting and unique about startups is that they often have to build office spaces from scratch, and don’t always have huge budgets with which to do so. After their initial launches, startup companies also tend to see a lot of quick growth, and a lot of new hires coming in the door. It might be a tricky logistical scenario for many offices to accommodate, but our modular workstations were particularly crafted to be budget-friendly and flexible post-installation. For new managers who are scratching their heads about office layout, we present our modular stations as a viable answer,” said Meridith Zwirn, COO of ACISCO.

ACISCO’s modular cubicles are more flexible than the vast majority of office furnishing options because they don’t rely on heavy-duty, intensive dry-wall construction or anchoring. Rather, the modular stations are free-standing, and can be customized to fit together into various configurations. That quality also means that they can be moved around quickly and without much labor, in the event that a startup company or other growing firm needs to accommodate new employees or even the launch of new departments.

Startups traditionally rely heavily on the internet and other digital technology, which makes it essential that modular workstations be electrically equipped. Because ACISCO’s line of office furniture is entirely customizable based on its clients’ needs and preferences, the company’s modular cubicles are a particularly feasible answer for office managers who need to guarantee that each of their employees has dependable internet and phone access. Any of ACISCO’s modular stations can be customized to support Ethernet and electric connection points. Additionally, for customers who are particularly concerned with maximizing available space, ACISCO includes among its inventory specialized panels that support computer screens, which can be inserted directly into the walls of its modular cubicles, thus rendering desktop monitors unnecessary.

In addition to their flexibility, ACISCO’s newly expanded range of modular workstations also boast prices that are accessible for new startup companies who are working on a budget. Clients are encouraged to call ACISCO for a free quote, and are also given the option to consult directly with the modular stations manufacturer’s staff of designers, architects, and other building experts. For those office managers who are seeking more than just cubicles, ACISCO also provides a range of reception and conference room furniture.

To receive a free quote, contact the modular workstations company by phone at 1-877-5-ACISCO, or go online at More information is additionally available on ACISCO’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, at and, and on the company’s blog at

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