Hot Drive Imaging and Entire Computer Cloning in Next-Gen Handy Backup Utility by Novosoft

Novosoft LLC, the developer of next-gen file backup software, reported the hot imaging functionality of Handy Backup program. The new app version is to take system snapshots on the run.

Alliance, OH, February 16, 2012 --( Novosoft, a world-wide program developer and business intelligence service provider, reported hot hard drive imaging features for Handy Backup, the advanced backup application. The new version of the software will feature intelligent storing of HD partitions or the total HD with improved process time, insignificant requirements for computer user skills, and minimal number of steps to be followed. The updated hot image backup functionality is created for Windows OS, and general disk imaging is also developed for Linux.

"There are techniques which earn a firm rank of a toughie. Disk imaging has had one too. There were days when making a snapshot of a HD needed those not so clear steps: logging off and in between many operating systems on a standalone computer, starting low-level data saving instead of file-based backup, shutting down all operating system activities, making a bootable flash drive to download from for imaging the original OS, and so on. With the fresh Handy Backup featuring hot disk imaging, those are nothing but troubles of the former times, gone to oblivion," noticed Alexander Prichalov, the vice president of Novosoft Development Division.

The reported fresh update of the Handy Backup utility provides hot image backup ( functionality. From now on the creating of a system hard disk drive snapshot takes as little as choosing the "Disk image" option among "What to back up" choices in the software wizard, in a few clicks. No turning off Windows OS or stopping the operating system activities are needed. The retrieval duplicate of the hard disk drive is made on the fly.

The hot HDD imaging scheme organized that way demonstrates optimized performance duration, minor requirements for computer user skills, and the least ever amount of steps to be done.

Besides the complete system image backup, the alternatives are individual hard drive partitions and partition table.

The actual hot imaging is organized for making snapshots of Windows. Also, there is the general function for imaging Ubuntu hard drives, with the Handy Backup Disaster recovery bootable HDD creating. The program editions to feature hot imaging are Home Professional, Small Server, and Network Server.

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