Power Publisher’s New Release - The Long Journey Home by Tanya Chatterjee

If not the youngest narrative in the genre of the current tradition of Indian fiction, one of the very few is Tanya Chatterjee, a nine year old girl, who, after her earlier ventures in short stories, has recently penned a whole novel, The Long Journey Home.

Kolkata, India, February 16, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Little Tanya starts her narrative with another little girl, Mia. Little Mia is, otherwise, an alter-ego of the child author. She portrays the world through fresh, uncontaminated eyes. An adventurist Mia, suddenly finds herself a lost child. She finds neither a known person, nor a single familiar person, or landmark around her. Entirely engulfed into an abyss of darkness, literary, as well as figurative, she gets nervous and terrified. Lost in the bewilderment, she tries to ponder over her present situation, joining the events and characters altogether. She finds not a single clue to locate her state. Gradually, she feels terribly anxious to reach home, the room of all promises. Now on, a home-sick Mia feels all the more fond of the cosy corner of her sweet home.

A thorough adventurist, much alike children of her age, Mia, the protagonist, comes in contact with another important feelings of life, the eternal urge of the human beings to go back home, in such an early age. The little girl gets entangled with series of adventures. The more she faces them, the more doors of mystery are unlocked to her. Will the little Mia finally go back to the warm lap of her mother? Or will the labyrinths of her adventures finally turn her a lost child, ever since the search for her home, but never finding it? Home, literally, as well as figuratively, is associated with a soft corner. Though the feeling is universal, the truth is explored to each human being in their own way of exploring it; be it by relocating the relations with its members, or by getting more and more emotionally attached to them from an insurmountable distance. The Long Journey Home is certainly a gift of surprise to the readers to explore their known world through the eyes of a little girl, an ever awakened soul inside all of us.

About the book:
The Long Journey Home
Author: Tanya Chatterjee
Price: Rs. 160
Pages: 56
ISBN: 978-93-81205-83-9

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